5 protein-rich breakfasts for athletes

5 protein-rich breakfasts for athletes

Protein is the essential nutrient that will help you keep your muscles in perfect condition. It is for this reason that athletes should opt for a diet rich in protein as it improves the condition of the muscles and, at the same time, provides a very low amount of fat and protein.

5 protein-rich breakfasts for athletes

And it is that the proteins will act as “the bricks” to form, reactivate and enhance the muscular structures of the athlete. These are made up of amino acids that are essential for the body to carry out its vital functions.

This time we show you how to make a breakfast rich in these macronutrients to perform better in your workouts. We show you to discover 5 breakfasts rich in protein for athletes that will help you establish your daily menu and enjoy a healthy meal that is perfect for your body from first thing in the morning.

Everything you should take into account in your breakfast as an athlete

Before starting to discover the protein-rich breakfasts for athletes, it is important that we know some essential aspects that will help us understand the correct distribution of macronutrients.

The athletes need extra energy to meet the energy demands that supports your body. In addition, due to the physical effort itself, together with more sweating, they will have a higher demand for nutrients.

To make a correct breakfast for athletes it is important that the following is included:

  • Carbohydrates : 55 to 70% of breakfast must be carbohydrates
  • Fats: 20 to 25% should be healthy fat (EVOO, avocado, etc.)
  • Proteins : between 10 and 20% of breakfast should be protein

When we talk about protein breakfasts, this proportion changes and the main protagonist is proteins. Opting for this type of breakfast will be based on the strategy to be followed according to the athlete’s personal goal.

Protein-rich breakfast ideas for sports

To help you know what you can have for breakfast that is rich in protein, below we are going to give you different ideas of breakfast rich in protein and low in calories that you can start implementing right now.

Greek yogurt, an ideal breakfast

Greek yogurt is a perfect food to start the day. It is a type of yogurt very rich in protein and healthy fats and, in addition, it provides us with very interesting nutrients such as calcium or vitamin D for a healthy breakfast. The ideal is to combine it with fresh fruit to complete the nutrients in this breakfast and make it more complete.

Egg and cheese sandwich

Another high-protein, low-calorie breakfast for sports. It is about preparing a sandwich, with whole wheat bread, about 30g of bread and filling it with boiled egg, cottage cheese or mozzarella and vegetables (lettuce, onion, olives, tomato…). It is an ideal breakfast for athletes and, also quite satiating.

Oat bran, very rich in protein

Another idea for high-protein breakfasts for athletes is to start the day with oat bran. Not only does it provide protein, it is rich in fiber, very low in sugar and provides beta-gleans that further help control blood cholesterol levels. You can mix it with a glass of milk or with a yogurt and, thus, you will multiply the amount of protein you take in the morning.

Omelets with ham and cheese for breakfast

You can also opt for a more “English” breakfast and incorporate eggs for a high-protein, low-calorie breakfast. Keep in mind that eggs are very healthy ingredients for athletes because they have a great source of protein and healthy fats, therefore, including the egg in any of its varieties, accept fried, is a great option. If you combine it with other proteins such as Serrano ham or cooked “extra” and low-fat fresh cheese, you get a 100% protein and calorically optimized dish.

Yogurt with nuts or dried fruits

And finally, another of the protein-rich breakfasts for athletes is the one that mixes an ingredient such as nuts (especially walnuts are the most abundant in protein) with another such as yogurt. This mixture is very interesting for athletes who want to satisfy their hunger, prepare a breakfast before going to train and nourish their body at the same time.


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