You like to run? Keys to improve your sprint technique

You like to run Keys to improve your sprint technique

sprint is an explosive acceleration in the race that you have to know how to do and control to take advantage of its advantages without falling into injury. It requires specific training and can mean scratching a few important seconds in the race that are decisive for victory. If you are a runner, find out how to improve your sprint below.

You like to run Keys to improve your sprint technique

You have to start from the idea that each runner has different physical characteristics. The sprint is a high intensity race for which you have to be prepared, training progressively to improve technique, power and endurance. There is no use sprinting in the middle of the race if we cannot continue later. To avoid this situation, plan your running workouts well and put special emphasis on doing a specific warm-up that prepares your whole body for maximum speed. Take care of your joints with the necessary twists and extensions, but also, spend a few minutes doing strength and power exercises: jumps, knees to chest, jumping stride, ankles to buttocks … These are essential movements if you want to include sprint intervals in your race.

The secrets to improving sprinting technique

The basis of the movement in the race is always the same because, in reality, it consists of nothing more than advancing placing one foot in front of the other, but if you want to work thoroughly on the technique that allows you to do an optimal sprint, some details such as the position of the arms or the way to support the foot to produce a certain footprint, influence more than you can imagine if it is about improving your own brand in the race. Some of the keys to achieving faster and more powerful sprits are:

1. Work your core thoroughly

Although it is your legs that support the impact and move as quickly as possible, the good tone of the torso muscles is essential to provide you with the balance, coordination and strength you need.

2. Your arms, good allies

Adopting a correct posture when running is essential. Use your arms for more momentum. Your balance in the race is very important to meet goals. When you go for a sprint while running, remember to bend your elbows and move your arms as if you were carrying hiking poles. Raise your fists and bring your elbow well back in a rhythmic motion as you go.

3. Change the tread

If you want to improve your sprinting technique, when running at full power remember that your toes can help you gain momentum with each stride. Typically, if you’re jogging or running lightly, you’ll put your heel on first to reduce impact. When doing a sprint, take advantage of the middle part of your foot. Support it before the heel and “push” with the fingers to “shoot” off in the next step. Of course, mastering the ideal sprinting footprint requires training. If you can control the position of your feet (and their perfect support) when it comes to running faster, you have much of the work done.

4. Raise your knees when running.

Another of the tricks to improve the sprint lies in the way of performing the stride. Don’t think that raising your knees to hips is a “waste of time.” Unlike. To run faster, try elevating them and also maximizing the backward movement of the heels (trying to touch the buttocks). You will see how your sprint technique improves progressively.

5. Short steps and interval training

If you are willing to increase your efficiency in sprinting, remember that it is about demanding your muscles to do their best and that should always be done in combination with periods of less intensity. Train the sprint in the race taking quick and short steps that do not involve muscle stretching. Stretches of moderate speed or jogging should always be interspersed with sprints. Do not forget that after a maximum effort, you should never stop suddenly. Reduce speed and intensity progressively to promote optimal recovery.


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