4 foods rich in sugars for athletes

4 foods rich in sugars for athletes

The carbohydrates simple, rapid absorption, are a basic source from which to obtain quick energy that our body needs to perform intense physical exercise. Take note of the foods rich in sugars for athletes that will come in handy to recharge your batteries.

4 foods rich in sugars for athletes

Despite the “bad reputation” of foods that provide the body with significant amounts of simple or compound carbohydrates, nutritionists insist that they should be part of a balanced diet, especially in the case of people who practice sports regularly. Sugars are the main source of glucose , essential to have enough energy for training and also to prevent glycogen reserves from falling excessively, essential for the muscle contraction involved in any exercise to be carried out.

What foods with sugar to include in the diet of an athlete?

The intake of sugars in the ideal proportion must always be related to the physical activity that is carried out. In the case of an athlete, it is also important to take into account the type of training and its intensity, to know the foods that can provide more sugars and how they will act on the metabolism itself.

For example, a runner who is going to do a HIIT training , who needs explosive energy to run a few minutes at high speed, requires an extra supply of simple carbohydrates that give him energy immediately, while, in a long distance race, who It demands resistance, the compound sugars that will provide energy progressively, play a determining role.

Starting from this premise, among the foods that contain the most sugars and can provide you with immediate energy to help you overcome a hard workout or recover from it, the following stand out:

1. Fruits

Fruits provide multiple benefits to the body and are also one of the main sources from which to obtain simple carbohydrates such as fructose. A piece of fruit is the ideal snack to take before training and get an extra energy that favors the proper development of physical exercise. Many fruits have a high Glycemic Index (GI), that is, the sugars they contain pass quickly into the bloodstream, hence their ability to facilitate the body’s recovery after significant physical effort.

The tropical fruits, such as coconut or handle, are of simple carbohydrates that contain and among the most common, ideal for providing sugars to an athlete, it is noteworthy bananas, and grapes Granada.

2. Honey

It is pure energy and an ideal super food for athletes, loaded with good properties. To give you an idea, out of every 100 grams of honey, more than 80 correspond to different types of sugars, mainly fructose and glucose. Always taken in moderation, given its remarkable caloric intake, it is a recommended ingredient in the diet of an athlete.

3. Milk chocolate

Chocolate is a food with a high caloric intake, but it is necessary to take into account the immense variety of products derived from cocoa that exist in the market with highly variable proportions between their different ingredients. In general, chocolate is a food rich in sugars for athletes. Dark chocolate (it must have at least 45% cocoa to be considered as such) is the lowest in sugar and milk chocolate, depending on its composition, can exceed 70% – 80% sugar content.

In both cases, this food has many virtues, from providing antioxidant elements such as polyphenols, to managing to release endorphins that promote physical and mental well-being.

4. Jams

As with chocolate, the exact sugar content of this food cannot be determined, because it will depend on the composition of each type of jam and its production process. Do not forget that the jam, according to the traditional method, is obtained by cooking the fruit and its juices with sugar, so it is a food that you can include in your breakfast if your planned caloric expenditure for the day is going to be high and you need an extra blood glucose.

These are just a few foods rich in sugars that are recommended for people who do intense daily exercise that will cause the calories ingested to be “burned” quickly. They will always be healthier than any industrial product with added sugars.


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