Include these 5 foods in your breakfast to strengthen your muscles

Include these 5 foods in your breakfast to strengthen your muscles

The breakfast will often be a very important meal for the proper functioning of the body and to have the necessary energy to allow the development of daily activity, especially in the case of an athlete. If you want stronger muscles, include these foods in your breakfast.

Include these 5 foods in your breakfast to strengthen your muscles

Experts consider that breakfast should provide between 20% and 30% of the total calories we need on a daily basis. After the night’s rest, our body needs to replenish energy to face the new day. Breakfast must be balanced and provide us with the essential macro and micronutrients in any diet. Carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber … A varied breakfast, which includes fruit, cereals, high protein foods and healthy fats is a guarantee that we will receive the necessary fuel for sports activity, taking care of our muscles and, in general, our health.

Cramps, dizziness, injuries or a feeling of weakness … Avoid them with these essential foods to always strengthen and take care of your muscles.

What to include in your breakfast to tone the muscles?

Take the time that breakfast deserves and if you want to take care of your muscles, don’t train on an empty stomach. In order to function properly and work your muscles thoroughly in complete safety, breakfast must provide you with the carbohydrates from which you obtain the energy you need and also enough protein to protect and recover your muscle fibers after exertion. In addition to knowing everything that should not be missing in an athlete’s breakfast, add these foods to your breakfast and you will have stronger and more powerful muscles.

1. Oatmeal, a great cereal to tone up

The cereals cannot miss on your first meal of the day. “And when we say cereals, we must never refer to refined cereals full of added sugars,” says nutritionist José Luis Diaz Cruz.

The oatmeal is perfect for toning muscles for their contribution in energy and nutrients. It is a food with a low glycemic index, which provides complex carbohydrates, slowly absorbed, so that your muscles obtain that energy progressively, as they need it. It is ideal for maintaining your glycogen reservesessential for the good condition of the muscles and, in addition, its composition includes essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A bowl of milk with oat flakes or a yogurt with a serving of this cereal is a very good idea for a breakfast that aims to take care of your muscles.

2. Egg, ideal proteins to keep you strong

Cooked, scrambled or in the form of an omelet to which to incorporate, for example, some pieces of ham. The egg, especially the clear, is an extraordinary source of high biological quality protein and is an ideal food to prepare a good breakfast rich in protein for athletes. Also include it in your breakfast to gain muscle mass. Its digestibility is optimal so in no case will it be heavy. Taking it, you know that you start your day and your training not only with a good supply of protein, but also with an extra amount of minerals as important as sodium, potassium, phosphorus or calcium.

3. Tea, the antioxidant your muscles need

Due to its maximum content in antioxidants (polyphenols), the most recommended is white tea to accompany your healthy breakfasts. A cup of this infusion in the morning will protect your entire body from the damaging action of free radicals, taking care of your muscles against any deterioration. Tea stimulates thermogenesis, promoting a higher caloric expenditure in the body, so it is also excellent to help you burn fatter during training.

4. Banana, the best ally to strengthen the muscles

A piece of fruit cannot be missing and if your goal is to strengthen your muscles with a good breakfast, the banana is ideal to achieve it. Due to its contribution in sugars, a banana is a powerful energy injection and an ideal fruit to eat before and after training, advisable to face any physical exercise that involves a high consumption of calories. To this must be added its high fiber content and its richness in one of the essential minerals in sport: potassium.

5. Nuts, the perfect aperitif to accompany your bodybuilding sessions

The nuts, the best. A handful of nuts every morning is an excellent help to keep your heart, and your cardiovascular system in general, in perfect condition. Its protein cares for and strengthens the muscles and the fatty acids it provides (Omega 3) are the perfect complement that should not be lacking in any diet for athletes.


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