Keys to increasing the volume of the arms

Keys to increasing the volume of the arms

Firm, toned and bulky arms are the goal of many exercises included in any training routine. Work in the gym should tend towards the harmonious development of all the muscles but, if for a few weeks, you want to focus on increasing the volume of the arms, these are the keys to take into account.

Keys to increasing the volume of the arms

Whether you are a man or a woman, harmonious arms, free of any hint of flaccidity and with the right size are always attractive. First of all, you have to understand that gaining volume in your arms requires training hard, with discipline, performing most exercises with weight and, in addition, it requires a certain period of time to verify the results. Pretending imposing biceps and triceps in a matter of a couple of weeks is a mistake because you must have the essential rest that muscles need to grow and develop healthy and strong.

How to gain muscle mass in the arms

If your upper extremities are perfectly toned and you want to go one step further to increase the volume of your arms, these are the keys to reaching your goal:

1. In the gym you must work all muscle groups but dedicate two days (maximum three) to exclusively training the arms. Remember that your muscles grow not when you put them to an effort but, precisely, when they rest and recover. Therefore, whether you are going to do arm exercises at home or if you prefer to use the arm machines in the gym, to increase the volume of your arms, a good training rhythm could be based on performing two weekly sessions, for example Monday and Thursday.

2. Weight is essential to develop the muscles of your arms but you should not “go overboard” either. Choose the ideal weight for your constitution and level of training, as well as choosing the type of weight that best suits your needs. You must be able to perform all the repetitions that you have marked for yourself by completing the series. If you can’t do it, reduce the weight. Biceps and triceps have to work hard, but without reaching exhaustion or muscle failure.

3. Train all the muscles directly or indirectly related to the arms. You have specific exercises to increase the size of your biceps and triceps, but you must not forget to work your forearms and define your shoulders (deltoids). The routines designed to strengthen the muscles of the chest and back are also important and affect a harmonious development in which the upper extremities are included. The shoulders are the great “forgotten” when the objective is to gain volume in the arms. Working them with specific exercises for the delts is essential to achieve your goal.

4. Change exercises.  You have more arm workout routines than you think. Don’t limit yourself to the indispensable curls or the infallible bench press. These two exercises are key to increasing the size of your arms but there are many more with which to get to work each and every one of the muscle fibers that shape your arms. For example:

  • Barbell bicep curls
  • Overhead dumbbell extensions
  • Bank funds
  • French barbell press
  • Pull-ups with neutral grip
  • Pulley or flat bench dumbbell extensions (triceps)
  • Deadlift (intense work of the forearms)
  • Rowing
  • Dumbbell Elbow Curl

5. To achieve maximum effectiveness in your arms training, try to do your specific routine in isolation (dedicate one day only to arms). If you combine your arm session with other exercises, for example with the training of other muscle groups or with a cardiovascular activity, always start by working your arms. It is logical. At the beginning of your training you have all your energy and if your goal is to gain volume in your arms you should apply it to the exercises designed for this purpose.

Following these guidelines, your arms will grow thanks to your effort and your perseverance. Finally, do not forget the importance of adequate nutrition to increase the volume of the arms. Include carbohydrate- rich foods in your diet to gain muscle mass , which provide you with the energy you need, and are high in protein, essential for the care and growth of muscles.


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