No more jerks! Alternatives to waxing

No more jerks! Alternatives to waxing
Removing body hair is often an attack on the skin. There are ancient techniques now recovered and innovative natural depilatories that help prevent the most common problems.
No more jerks! Alternatives to waxing
Current beauty standards require women, and increasingly more men, to periodically undergo a kind of ritual sacrifice: waxing. To make it less bloody, new ways to remove hair appear every day that are not always without side effects. Not all skins tolerate any method.

The depilatory creams can cause irritation and allergies, especially in sensitive areas such as English and pubis.

The laser, in addition to being expensive and not always definitive, can lead to burns and stains.

The blades wear out quickly and can cut and irritate.

The hot waxes, as well as burns, can cause venous problems.

And bands of cold wax can tear off the most superficial layer of very sensitive skin.


Fortunately, there are natural options that are just as effective and kinder, some used for centuries.


The most traditional method, which in the East is known as halawa and has been reborn internationally with the name of sugaring, consists of applying a paste based on sugar and lemon juice, without any synthetic chemical component.

It seems to have its origin in the custom imposed by Islamic rules of regularly shaving armpits and intimate areas. The paste is applied in a similar way to hot wax, but it is less painful, causes fewer infections, and is easier to clean.

It is suitable for all body regions and for both men and women. A little paste is smeared on dry or lightly powdered skin with talcum powder and covered with a strip of cloth, squeezed and pulled in the opposite direction to that of hair growth. It can also be done without the fabric. The remains are washed with water and then the skin is hydrated. The strips can be washed and reused.


Dissolve two cups of sugar in the juice of a lemon over medium heat, stirring with a wooden spoon. As soon as it boils, lower the heat and let it thicken and brown gently. Remove and let cool before applying.


The depilation with cotton thread ecological (threading) is also an ancient method, from India and the Middle East, where it was used to beautify the face of brides before the wedding.

It is simple: you take a thread; it is wound with a certain technique and both the hair and its root are caught without making any pull. It requires learning and a certain fluency, but it is being offered in more and more beauty centers. It is often used to remove facial hair, especially eyebrows, lips, chin and forehead.

It is less painful than traditional methods and applied by expert hands the session can last only ten minutes.


Less well known is silicon microcrystalline glove hair removal. A mitt or similar is passed circularly over the skin to perform a gentle exfoliation that removes dead cells and also short hair.

It is a painless method that gradually weakens the hair. You just have to avoid applying too much force so as not to irritate the skin. Nor should it be used on damp skin. On the other hand, the glove is not eternal: it wears out with use.


Finally, those people who do not want to suffer and do not give up the traditional blade, can turn to shaving creams and foams made with natural ingredients.


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