How to choose a good natural makeup

How to choose a good natural makeup

Natural makeups are made with mineral pigments, plant extracts, waxes or essential oils, avoiding paraffins and artificial preservatives.

How to choose a good natural makeup

The makeup is one of the longest cosmetics passes in contact with the skin, which is able to absorb any substance. Compared to conventional products, mineral and ecological makeup, made with innocuous and natural elements, provide beauty and protect health.

The natural makeup organic or bio is formulated by adding mineral pigments extracted from nature, typically iron oxides or titanium mica used since ancient times, a natural fat: vegetable oils which also moisturize and nourish the skin, such as jojoba, almond, avocado, capoazú oil, cocoa butter and shea.

You can also include natural waxes such as carnauba wax. These ingredients let the skin breathe and the pores do not clog.

Very different is the case of artificial makeup, which can include paraffins and synthetic silicones – with aniline and azo dyes – and artificial preservatives that are harmful to health. Ecological makeup is also made with essential oils that add fragrances and allow it to be preserved naturally.

In conventional ones, you can find perfumes such as synthetic masks and preservatives derived from formaldehyde, both allergens.


It is important to study the origin of the ingredients and make sure of their natural origin, since if there are harmful substances, even in a small proportion, it cannot be considered an echo or bio cosmetic.

Fluids represent the base of any facial makeup. They are essential to provide the skin with a unified, cared and attractive appearance. They give color and hide small skin imperfections, and allow to improve the appearance of the skin, giving it uniformity and luminosity.

The tone closest to the skin color should be chosen under natural light and it should be the first beauty product to be applied, after deep cleansing and hydration. Then the powder makeup is applied, necessary to fix, maintain and tone the base and increase its duration, thus achieving a velvety effect and attenuating imperfections.

Finally, the blush, which helps to highlight the facial features giving a healthy appearance, while unifying the color of the eyes and lips.


During the daylighter and warmer tones are usually chosen, such as reds, pinks or earths. During the nightcold colors are better, such as bluish tones, grays, and the most intense shadows, which highlight the look.


The eyelids and the eye area are one of the area’s most sensitive to chemicals. The shadows, the eye pencilseyeliners and concealers ecological circles ensure natural hold and allow enhance their brightness and beauty, smooth allergies, watering or redness.


Lipstick is one of the products that is renewed the most throughout the day and it is important to choose it organic or with ingredients from organic crops that are safe. In this way, ingesting chemical substances harmful to health, such as heavy metals, mainly lead, will be avoided.


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