3 beauty rituals for perfect hands

3 beauty rituals for perfect hands

Prepare your hands to be hydrated, clean, soft and ready for the change of season.

3 beauty rituals for perfect hands

In seasonal changes, we pay attention to our face, adapting our facial rituals to the new climate and the response that our skin gives to these changes; we prepare our body with exfoliants and moisturizers that restore softness and equalize its tone and texture; We review our feet so that they adapt as best as possible to changing sandals for more closed and resistant shoes, but what about our hands? Do we give them the attention they deserve in this time of resuming routines or undertaking new activities?

The hands are our tool to develop a multitude of daily actions and we rarely stop to identify the tension that accumulates in them, in fact, we usually do it when the pain is openly manifested, having lost everything that prevention could have done for us. To end this insane habit, we propose a series of ideas, easy to do at home and capable of returning well-being and beauty to our hands.


To control joint and muscle pain accumulated in the hands as a result of daily use, in which we repeatedly carry weight, use computers or generate supports on them, we can make a bath with hot water and Epsom salts, rich in sulfate magnesium, very appropriate in these cases of pain and fatigue.

We will need approximately 250 grams of these salts for each liter of water used in our bathroom if we want them to be truly effective, in addition to having between 15 and 30 minutes, if possible, in a quiet space set for the occasion, to enjoy our treatment.

We can enhance the benefits of this ritual by adding some synergy of essential oils to the hot water:

  • We can use lavender and pink, which will help us to keep the skin elastic, free of imperfections and calm.
  • Another option is the essential oils of lemon and tea tree, to clarify, illuminate and fight possible infections in the nails.
  • We can also add some herbs, dried flowers or plants, such as chamomile, mallow and lemon verbena, to mention a few examples that, when infused in hot water, will add their benefits to our bath.


Due to use, the uneven distribution of weights or even working with possibly irritating materials, some areas of the hands may present flaking, cracks, calluses or roughness and skin imperfections of various kinds. The sides of the fingers, the heels of the hands and some areas of the back are usually the areas most affected by this type of problem.

A particle-based hand scrub that drags and polishes without damaging the skin, accompanied by a moisturizing treatment appropriate to the needs of the area, can help us to enjoy progressively softer and more resistant hands.

The sugar cane, the bamboo powder, the coconut shell, the strawberry seeds or rice are good examples of these exfoliant particles that help us remove dead skin cells, smooth and even texture of hand. Added to a base of vegetable oil and essential oils, they will allow us to work comfortably on our hands and even use part of the same mixture to brush up on the elbows, one of the areas of the body most prone to dryness and roughness.

The application of a moisturizing formula later will provide the skin with the necessary nutrients to feel comfortable, elastic and manageable. We usually recommend more unctuous formats for the night, rich in vegetable butters such as shea, cocoa or coconut, which we can even wrap in gloves and leave on overnight as a mask, and lighter formulations for the day, when that we need to feel freer and lighter when coming into contact with more objects in everyday life.


Within the care of the hands, we cannot forget the nails or the base on which they are supported, the cuticles. To avoid wounds, skin deformations and even more serious problems in holding our nails, the use of vegetable oils or balms that combine butters, waxes and vegetable oils, giving rise to formulas that are very rich in nutrients, will help us both to keep these areas conditioned as to push the cuticles with the help of an orange stick, beautifying them and freeing them from possible excesses accumulated due to lack of flaking or dragging.

Later, we can file the nails with the help of a file, always following the same direction in the filing, giving them the desired shape according to our tastes, in addition to applying a base on them that conforms to the current state of our nails.

There are more and more specialized products on the market in the treatment of the same that offer solutions to the lack of hydration, breakage, yellowing or lamination of the nails, among others, quite common problems, possible to solve with products of easy application and constancy in the use of them.


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