How to prepare the skin for a more natural makeup

How to prepare the skin for a more natural makeup
If you want to put on makeup, it is essential that your skin is well hydrated. Choosing and applying a good vegetable oil is the first step to achieving this.
How to prepare the skin for a more natural makeup

When it comes to putting color on our face, what we ask mainly of our makeup is that it remain uniform throughout the day, that it does not crack and that it is long-lasting, allowing us to reach the end of our day while maintaining the “good face” effect. ” That we intended with its use.

It is important to use quality products suitable for our skin type for these purposes, but if the skin surface on which we are going to apply them is not well conditioned, it will be difficult for us to achieve these objectives, in addition to incurring an extra use of product, possible to avoid if we have a series of steps prior to applying our makeup.

clean and toned face is essential not only when applying makeup, but also if we want to provide nutrition and hydration to the face later through products made for these purposes, since it is the way to ensure that our skin is receptive to receive a treatment, that the pores are not clogged and there are no traces of dirt on the surface of the skin that prevent the correct application and integration of the products to be used later.

Selecting a cleansing formula and a toner related to the needs of our skin will be the first requirement in our pre-makeup ritual, obtaining a purified and residue-free face, devoid of dead cells and balanced.

The protective layer of our skin, the so-called hydrolipidic mantle, is the base on which we apply makeup. This layer is mainly made up of water and natural oils from our own face, lipids.

We might think that, to have a hydrated complexion, a contribution of water on it would be enough, but the water on the skin does not have the ability to penetrate, therefore, to give that sensation of juiciness and freshness, and that our products make-up spread and blend better, we need to include some oil in our skin preparatory routine.

When we want an oil to penetrate the skin, with different effects depending on the selected oil, we need to slightly heat the product between the fingers and then massage it on the face which, by increasing its temperature, will allow its absorption. In our nighttime beauty routine, this is our main objective, since we seek that the active principles of our products penetrate deeply to fulfill their function.

However, when we talk about preparing the skin for the subsequent color application, we find it more interesting that the oil used is as recent as possible, conditioning and providing elasticity to the skin, as well as allowing colored products to flow with greater dexterity.

All skins need oils, we just need to find the oil that best suits our skin. An avocado oil, for example, will be beneficial to treat the driest and most fragile skin, while a jojoba oil will help to maintain the balance between areas of the face in combination skin, with a T-zone oilier than the rest of the skin as usual. Thanks to the oil, the skin will be more elastic, juicier and better conditioned to apply colored products on top.

Once we have hydrated the skin, if we find areas on the face that need an extra supply of hydration, we can apply a few drops of vegetable oil on that area, with gentle touches or with the help of a brush. We will notice mainly with this gesture a change in the texture of the skin, especially in those that are duller and lack vitality. We will also need to hydrate more vigorously those areas in which we are going to apply a greater amount of product with color or with a denser texture, so that the skin can support them well without cracking.

If, on the contrary, we want to remove shine, we can use a slightly astringent moisturizing formula, or refiner of the pores, to keep them under control, in addition to including in our weekly beauty routine the application of a kaolin-based mask, which is working the face progressively.

Once we have made up, we can put an end to our make-up with the application of a facial mist based on plant extracts, hydrolates and essential oils, which will give us a touch of freshness in addition to keeping our face intact for longer.

You will see that, when the skin is well worked, not only do you need less makeup, but you also want to wear a more washed face and a more natural face for the well-being that the skin gives off from within.


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