Performance and style: discover the best sportswear for training

    Performance and style discover the best sportswear for training

    Have you decided to resume your sports activity? Now we can take advantage of the good weather to go out to play sports, gradually return to routines in the gym or even continue training at home. Whichever option you choose, it will be the perfect time to renew your sportswear wardrobe.

    Performance and style discover the best sportswear for training

    However, what should we take into account when buying this type of garment? The most important thing when choosing women’s sportswear is that it provides us with comfort and safety. For this, style and performance must go hand in hand. Therefore, we help you in this process and give you the keys to be in the latest fashion and at the same time choose the most appropriate clothing for training. Do you want to find out? We started!

    Performance and style

    Sportswear should not be those shirts that you no longer wear or those comfortable pants that you have at home. Quite the opposite. You must choose the technical clothing you need depending on the sports discipline you practice. Next, we explain the two fundamental elements that you should consider:


    Cycling is not the same as running, yoga or boxing. There are many types of sport and each one has different characteristics:

    • Yoga and Pilates: you work on flexibility, strength and mobility.
    • Running: these are more intense workouts where speed, power and resistance are practiced.
    • Boxing and martial arts: You perform speed and power movements of the upper body.
    • Cycling: It consists of a work of cardio and strength in a static way on the bicycle.

    In this sense, it is advisable to use the appropriate clothing for each physical activity. Functionality, comfort and durability will be the essential elements that you should integrate into your sports outfits.


    Another important part of practicing sports is having the desire and motivation to train . Choosing clothes that you like, suits your personality and makes you feel comfortable will indirectly help you increase your desire to start your training.

    To do this, select technical clothing with colors, prints and textures that suit you. In this way, you will see how your motivation increases when doing sports.

    The sportswear you need: recommendations

    These are some recommendations that you should follow if you want to perform at your best and get your best version in each workout:

    Opt for technical fabric t-shirts

    There are many types of shirts and fabrics. However, when you do sports, you should resort to technical shirts. They are made with elastic materials and polyester, so they allow greater breathability and give you greater mobility.

    Tights or pants?

    Cotton sweatpants or cotton shorts are not the best alternative. In this case, it is best to use mesh. They are characterized by being made of a material that adapts to your body, breathes and dries easily after sports activity.

    In addition, you can find tights of all kinds: long, pirate or in Bermuda format. In this way, you can use them both in winter and summer. Above all, it is a very important aspect if you do sports outdoors, since you must protect yourself from the cold and heat.

    Sports tops

    For a woman, the support of the breast is essential. Therefore, you should choose a sports bra or top that fits your torso, providing you with a comfortable and safe sports practice.

    Depending on the type of sport you practice, you should opt for a more or less supportive top. For example, running requires a sports top with wider straps to offer a precise fit to the torso. Meanwhile, to do yoga or Pilates this will not be necessary and you can choose a bra with thinner straps and low or medium support.

    Technical socks

    In the same way that you are looking for t-shirts and tights, you should also look for technical socks. It will prevent you from having chafing and will generate more perspiration on the feet. If you practice running, it is highly recommended to eliminate blisters and chafing that can arise in races.


    Choosing good shoes is an essential part of buying sports equipment. As we have mentioned before, it depends on the sport you do. If you practice running or high-impact sports, you should choose a specific shoe that provides cushioning, stability, flexibility, lightness and grip. On the other hand, if you only use them to go to the gym, you can choose a more basic model. In turn, in cycling, you will have to look for cleats that adapt properly to your bike.

    Now you know the sportswear you need to return to sports or increase the performance of your workouts. Ready to give 100%?


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