Quinoa: an ideal super food for athletes

Quinoa an ideal superfood for athletes

It has earned the title of ideal super food for athletes due to its extraordinary nutritional value and the benefits it brings to general health. Including it in the diet is always a good idea, but if you regularly exercise, you are also interested in knowing why quinoa is one of the best foods that an athlete can eat.

Quinoa an ideal superfood for athletes

It is a pseudo cereal, a seed or grain from the Chenopodium quinoa plant, native to the American continent. Known for its excellent properties, for a few decades we can find it in any supermarket, but, although for us it is a “novelty”, in reality it is an ancient crop that has been part of the diet of the Andean peoples since ancient times.

The Quinoa is a super food for athletes because of its rich composition provides all the nutrients the body needs to practice intense physical activity. Its easy digestion, its simple preparation and the variety of recipes that it allows to elaborate, have made it an essential ingredient in a healthy and balanced diet allied with sport.

Why include quinoa in the diet of an athlete?

Has it all. It is amazing how a small grain can lock in so many nutrients. Take a good look at the proportion of macronutrients that quinoa contains that makes it a super food for athletes:

1. Ideal for gaining muscle mass

16.5 grams. That is the amount of vegetable protein that you will obtain by taking 100 grams of quinoa and, in addition, it is a protein of high biological value, the one that gathers all the essential amino acids. Some such as Lysine, Lucien or Valine are simply essential for the construction and regeneration of body tissues, including muscle mass. Any athlete who focuses his training on strength work in order to gain volume and power in his muscles, has quinoa the best “supplement” and one of the foods with more protein for athletes like you.

2. Important source of energy

The pseudo cereal is also an excellent source of energy due to its contribution of slowly absorbed carbohydrates. It has a low glycemic index (35 – 50) so it is ideal for developing physical activities such as running, cycling or swimming … All those that require progressive obtaining of rapid energy to train because they imply resistance in a continuous activity.

3. Take care of the cardiovascular system

The third large group of macronutrients is also present in quinoa in the right proportion, the fats. The fat component is minimal and it is also healthy fatty acids such as Omega 3 or linoleic acid, which help to take care of the cardiovascular system and also to keep joints and ligaments in good condition.

4. Rich in vitamins and minerals

The quinoa is a super food for athletes because also essential micronutrients for physical activity are present in the composition. Vitamins C, E and group B and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium, essential for the proper functioning of nerve connections, increase the nutritional value of this “treasure” of nature.

Taking into account what these seeds or grains contain, it can be said that quinoa is an ideal food for athletes because it helps to improve resistance in any training, also favoring recovery and muscle development.

Quinoa properties that make it a super food for athletes

It is its extraordinary composition that makes this food perfect for maintaining an optimal state of health and helping to practice sports. Vitamins C and E together with the presence of flavonoids give it important antioxidant properties that reduce the damaging action of free radicals generated during physical exercise.

Quinoa is also rich in fiber, so it not only promotes good digestion and the elimination of toxins, but also has satiating power and helps control caloric intake in any diet aimed at maintaining a correct weight. It is a gluten-free food (suitable for celiac) that helps maintain cholesterol at adequate levels and also has toning and anti-inflammatory properties.

As you can see, the recognition of quinoa as a super food for athletes has been earned on its own merits.


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