Join the smart clothing revolution for sports

Join the smart clothing revolution for sports

Can you imagine being able to train with a shirt that captures your heart rate and fitness levels in real time? Would you like to have in your wardrobe some pants that help you improve your running form and thus reduce the risk of injury? Now it is possible! The fashion for smart sportswear is here to stay and, recently, more and more textile companies are encouraged to include all kinds of smart garments and accessories in their collections to make life easier for those who love sports.

Join the smart clothing revolution for sports

The main objective of this type of clothing is to monitor the activity of the muscles when exercising them to verify if we are performing the movement correctly and, at the same time, provide information on the physical condition of the athlete: heart rate, calories burned, postural correction, distance traveled, duration of training, etc.

Although the price of smart clothes is still a bit high, we want you to know the most surprising sportswear and accessories on the market. It doesn’t matter what sport or type of training routine you follow. Smart clothing will help you improve your workouts and perform the exercises correctly to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Keep reading to know more!

Discover the best smart sportswear on the market

When choosing the right clothing for exercise, you will need to take into account a number of factors such as the type of fabric, the design or the comfort. Nowadays, technological garments have entered the sports field with force and represent an additional help for the athlete who wants to know certain aspects to improve in each training. If you want to go one step further and bet on the technological revolution in the world of sports clothing and accessories to renew your wardrobe, pay attention to the following list of  smart garments for athletes  that we present below and that you can buy with a quality ratio -very interesting price. Do you dare to try them?

Smart sports shirts

The fashion house Ralph Lauren was one of the forerunners in the commercialization of smart sports shirts. The launch of the Politic SmartArt was a revolution in the life of sportswear thanks to the incorporation of biometric technology in real time. This smart shirt model can be synchronized with the user’s smartphone to obtain information on their physical condition and health. In addition, it has micro sensors that monitor the heart rate, count the number of steps taken (whether walking or running), the number of calories burned, the intensity of the movement carried out, etc.

Another model of smart sports shirt that we can find in the market is the one offered by the company Polar, under the name of Team Pro Shirt, whose technology allows obtaining data in real time with the performance of the athletes. A sensor can also be included in its rear part to measure distances, acceleration and speed, something that allows to generate reports during training.

Smart sports pants

Limo Run smart pants and leggings are ideal for running or any other cardio activity with the best technology. In addition to monitoring training, it incorporates sensors that allow you to give instructions in real time so that you can listen to them with headphones and correct errors to improve your running technique. In addition, the different models of smart pants that you will find on the market offer the possibility of measuring parameters to know the cadence of step, oscillation and posture when running. You can buy them directly on their official website for 99 euros.

As if that were not enough, smart sports pants are very comfortable and help correct your running posture, as well as providing you with very useful information both before and during workouts.

Smart socks for sports

Sensoria Fitness smart socks have 3 pressure sensors to measure the force and pressure of the foot during the run. They also offer detailed information about your heart rate, distance traveled, time and running style, and are a perfect complement to reduce the risk of injury, according to their creators. The pack of these sports socks – which costs around 200 euros – is also made up of a USB charger, an electronic and magnetic ankle strap that adjusts to the sock and an app with which you can collect the information on your smartphone.

Smart sports bra

Sabine Seymour’s startup, has also wanted to participate in this technological revolution of sports textiles and has created a smart bra with a lot of personality, which mixes neon, a heart rate sensor and artificial intelligence. It is waterproof and can be paired with Bluetooth via invisible biometric sensors. You can find it on its official website for about 120 euros and choose from a large number of colors and sizes.


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