Hydration and sports: Why drink isotonic drinks without sugar

Hydration and sports Why drink isotonic drinks without sugar

The practice of physical exercise entails an increase in sweating and, therefore, also an increase in the needs of fluids in our body. You do sports? Keep an eye on the quantity and quality of what you drink and discover which is the best isotonic drinks?

Hydration and sports Why drink isotonic drinks without sugar

How should we hydrate when we do sports?

More than 60 percent of our body is made up of water. Therefore, when we do any type of physical activity, we lose part of our hydration through sweat.

This is why the consumption of water or any other isotonic drink, such as RAW Super drink , is highly recommended. It can be taken before, during and after sports practice.

To get a rough idea of ​​how much water your body loses every time you exercise. We tell you, for example, that after running for an hour; the body can lose up to 1.8 liters of fluid. Another very significant case is that of swimming, which after an hour, the body loses up to half a liter of water.

When we do not correctly replace the fluid that we have lost during sports, the body can become dehydrated. As well as manifesting some symptoms or side effects such as heat stroke, muscle cramps, and a considerable increase in heart rate.

But also, when the organism suffers a dehydration greater than 2%; there is also a decrease in sports performance, especially when physical activity is practiced in an area with a warm and dry environment.

Isotonic drinks without sugar, a good option for athletes

When talking about sports drinks or sports drinks . We refer to all those drinks that are specially designed to hydrate when we do sports. These types of drinks are usually soft drinks low in sodium and rich in mineral salts, such as potassium, all of which help to maintain a good level of electrolytes in the body when we sweat.

Isotonic drinks have become very popular with athletes in recent years. This is because, in addition to keeping the body well hydrated; they are responsible for replenishing the mineral salts that are lost through sweat.

Mineral salts are especially necessary to achieve good performance at the muscular level. And through the mineral salts that these drinks contain; the body achieves a good level of electrolytes, which promote faster absorption of fluids.

Consumption of isotonic drinks

According to experts, the consumption of isotonic drinks when we are exposed to a very intense exercise session (lasting more than an hour). It should be rationed as follows: 500 ml of isotonic drink thirty minutes before starting to train. During training, you have to drink another 700 ml of isotonic drink, and at the end, drink another 500 ml of this drink.

Today, you can consume isotonic drinks without sugar or light. These are basically isotonic drinks with a fairly low sugar content. And that, in many cases, made with 100% organic and organic ingredients.

And it is that when we practice sports, our body does not need the intake of refined sugar. Since this, sugar does not provide any significant benefit when exercising. For this reason, light isotonic drinks are one of the best options for athletes.

If in addition to water and mineral salts; the body needs to recover glycogen levels after physical exercise. You have to take not only a light isotonic drink, but also eat natural fruit rich in antioxidants . Like banana or coconut, which contain fructose and carbohydrates, two nutrients that help restore energy.


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