Cross fit: 5 skills that you will improve practicing this sport

Crossfit 5 skills that you will improve practicing this sport

The Cross fit is a sport that is very fashionable today. The activities it encompasses are based on rowing exercises, races or burpees, but above all on weight lifting (in different formats). The most important thing when doing Cross fit is to achieve a high degree of intensity, as it is the best way to achieve all the benefits it offers.

Crossfit 5 skills that you will improve practicing this sport

The main objective of this sports technique is to generate an aerobic base in those who practice it, which gives the body strength and resistance, accelerating the metabolism, which helps to burn calories and preserve the muscle mass that has been acquired over time.

This discipline is usually practiced in specialized centers, since a totally different infrastructure is needed than what is usually seen in gyms. The material used is usually large, so enough space is needed for athletes to move freely, exercising safely.

What benefits does Cross fit bring to the body?

The Cross fit is a sport that cannot be compared with other disciplines. The sessions of activities that are carried out in the different centers tend to enhance skills that the human being possesses innately but that due to the sedentary lifestyle that we have today have been disappearing.

Mainly among the skills that you will improve from your first Cross fit class:

1. Increases the resistance of the cardiovascular system

Cross fit works looking for the maximum heart rate thanks to the intensity of its exercises, and the sessions usually last an hour. This work rate promotes cardiovascular endurance.

2. Improves mobility of the whole body

Cross fit is a set of exercises with which you can train the whole body. It is a sport in which many muscles and joints are involved, which are constantly worked throughout the session. Over time, increasingly heavy objects can be moved, increasing body mobility and reducing the risk of injury.

3. Encourage socialization

The practice of collective exercises generates cooperatives and fosters social relations between the different members who come to the training room. Cross fit is a very interactive sport due to the type of activities that are carried out. Contrary to what can happen in a traditional gym, where members who attend isolate themselves with their own music and individual routines, Cross fit encourages interaction and camaraderie among members.

4. Improves the increase in lean muscle mass

The Cross fit helps burn calories quickly, thus eliminating accumulated fat and increased lean muscle mass. Lovers of this sport are fascinated by the results they get after a reasonable period of time.

Although it is a sport that eliminates fat effectively, it is necessary to bear in mind that, without a good diet, the expected results will never appear.

5. Expels the user from their comfort zone

Cross fit is not a traditional sport, the movements, activities and elements that are used in it are not usually found in any gym. Facing new movements and a new work discipline encourages the user to leave their comfort zone and be willing to try new modalities and activities.

It must be borne in mind that Cross fit is not a sport suitable for everyone, since before starting it is necessary to be in good physical condition.


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