Contact lenses for sports: what are the advantages of using them?

Contact lenses for sports what are the advantages of using them

If you like to practice sports both indoors and outdoors, having a good vision of your surroundings and focusing on what you are doing is a fundamental aspect. If you want to move freely while exercising, running, jumping or picking up different objects, contact lenses are the best option. The glasses often end up fogging up and falling to the ground, while with the contact lenses you can move with total comfort.

Contact lenses for sports what are the advantages of using them

But what are the advantages of wearing contact lenses and what should you keep in mind? In today’s article, we explain everything you need to know about wearing contact lenses in sports.

Advantages of using contact lenses when doing sports

When you exercise, you want to enjoy yourself and give 100%. If you are one of the people who have vision problems such as myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia, you will need to use glasses or contact lenses to move safely and avoid possible falls and injuries due to lack of vision.

Although it is true that some exercises do not require as much attention, there are many sports in which having good vision is an essential element. For example, going for a run, cycling, or playing a team sport.

These are its main advantages:

Have a complete view

The contact lenses adapt to your eyes and it is as if you do not have any vision problems. In this way, you can visualize your surroundings in detail. Plus, you can also wear sale colored contact lenses to get the eye color you’ve always wanted. 

Allows you to move more freely

Unlike glasses, with contact lenses you will not have to be aware of them falling, moving or fogging up. You just have to put the glasses on before doing sports and then enjoy what you are doing.

Greater security

What contact lenses offer is great safety for the athlete? You will avoid falling, receiving blows due to a vision failure and concentrating on the sport you are practicing, especially in the case of team sports that require more attention.

You can use them in any sport modality

It does not matter if you do yoga, go running or play handball, contact lenses are suitable for all sports. In the same way, they also adapt to the environment where you exercise, whether in the gym, at home or outdoors. Without a doubt, they are comfortable, practical and versatile.

What kind of lenses can you use?

Depending on whether you are a regular contact lens user or prefer to wear glasses in your day-to-day, we show you the different types of contact lenses that you can find:

Daily contact lenses

If you only want to wear them occasionally, daily soft lenses are a perfect option. They adapt to the eye and are more stable when moving and playing sports. In turn, they are breathable, so they keep the eyes hydrated throughout the day.

On the other hand, it should be noted that they are the most hygienic option, since you do not have to worry about cleaning them as they are single use. It’s as easy as using them and throwing them away at the end of your sports session. Plus, if you don’t use them every day, they’ll last longer and save you money.

Biweekly or monthly lenses

If you are one of those who have experience and wear contact lenses on a daily basis, biweekly or monthly contact lenses will be very comfortable for you. They are reusable, so you should be aware of taking them off at night and cleaning them to put them on the next day.

Lenses with UV protection

On the other hand, when you practice sports outdoors, you can use lenses with ultraviolet filters. They will help protect your eyes and your sight from the sun’s rays, making your sports practice much safer.

Do sports comfortably and safely using contact lenses. And you, what option do you choose?


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