Discover the advantages of VET to work in the world of sport

Discover the advantages of VET to work in the world of sport

Today, it is possible to access a wide range of studies for young people and adults. However, Vocational Training has become one of the most attractive educational options that can be chosen. Are you passionate about the world of sports and would you like to dedicate yourself to this sector? Discover all the advantages that FP offers you to work in the world of sports.

Discover the advantages of VET to work in the world of sport

Do you want to work in the world of sports? VET is the solution

In the 80s and 90s, companies focused on the search for professionals with university studies. Currently, business needs have changed and now it is much more frequent that they look for profiles that have a VET.

Vocational Training is the set of studies and knowledge that prepares students to specialize in a specific professional activity, and that helps them develop the necessary skills for their incorporation into the labor market.

If you are passionate about sport and want to turn this vocation into your daily work, you have the option of choosing a Professional Training related to the world of sport and physical activity.

The new TAFAD (TSEAS, Higher Technician in Socio-Sports Teaching and Animation) will allow you to work as a monitor for free-time activities, entertainment, or in tourist centers. Also, it will open doors for you to practice as a sports coach for individual and group sports.

However, when studying a VET it is important to always try to acquire the best training. That is why it is convenient to choose a VET center that orients its contents to the labor market as much as possible, and that offers you the possibility of doing professional internships.

1. Greater preparation for the world of work

And, among the many advantages that a FP offers you to dedicate yourself to the world of sport, you will find that, upon completion of these studies, you will be perfectly trained to carry out professional practices, and thus acquire the experience you need to enter the labor market.

2. More technical and practical studies

Another advantage that studying a vocational training gives you if you want to dedicate yourself to the world of physical activity and sport, is that in Vocational Training you always go for more technical studies and more practical training.

This will allow you to find a job in less time and have your own income while doing what you like the most, working as a sports or animation monitor.

3. Shorter duration of studies

Likewise, and unlike university degrees, which mostly last four years, with FP you will shorten this training time and you will be able to acquire your degree in a shorter period. Normally, in a period of two years you will have completed your theoretical and practical training and you will be ready to enter the labor market. For example, in a gym as a personal trainer.

4. Faster job placement

Vocational training is aimed at greater and faster job placement, as it provides you with the option of doing internships to acquire qualified training in the field of physical activity and sports.

5. Wide variety of training programs

Another of the great advantages of opting for an FP if you are passionate about sport, is that there are currently a wide variety of programs and training cycles to choose from.

You can choose a Higher Degree Training Cycle in Animation and Physical and Sports Activities, or a Higher Technician Training Cycle in Physical Conditioning, or also a Middle Degree Training Cycle in Conducting Physical Sports Activities, among many other interesting options.


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