8 things about mate and sport that you surely did not know

8 things about mate and sport that you surely did not know

Several scientific studies have revealed that the consumption of yerba mate is very beneficial for people who practice sports. Discover 8 things about mate and sport that you surely did not know.

8 things about mate and sport that you surely did not know

Mate and sport, a good tandem for athletes

Although it has traditionally been consumed in South America, mate now also has many followers around the world. If you practice sports regularly, yerba mate Tragi may be one of the best alternatives for you.

Due to its benefits and characteristics, yerba mate is one of the best supplements for all those who practice physical exercise. We tell you some of the properties that you can obtain from yerba mate when you practice sports:

1. Stimulating

Yerba mate is a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system, since it has a high caffeine content. However, unlike coffee, this herb does not cause an energy drop after physical exercise.

2. Antioxidant

Also, if you are a sports fan, you will be interested to know that yerba mate contains a large number of polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, so you can use it as an ideal nutritional supplement before, during and after exercising.

3. Vasodilator

The antioxidant properties that this herb contains, as well as its effects on vasodilation, also make it one of the best allies for all those athletes who seek to increase their performance and, in general, for all people who like to take care of themselves.

4. Burns fat

One of the main reasons why many athletes consume yerba mate is because this herb helps burn excess fat that accumulates in the body. And it is that mate has caffeine levels similar to those of tea, making it a perfect alternative to burn fat during training.

5. Anti-stress

If you suffer the consequences of stress because it is difficult for you to reconcile your professional life with your workouts, yerba mate can become your best ally. And it is that the antioxidants that this herb contains contribute to reduce stress and to enjoy more and better physical exercise.

6. Recovery

Another of the properties that relate yerba mate to sport is precisely that of its recuperative capacity. And, after an intense training session, yerba mate helps you recover faster in the 24 hours after training.

7. Anti-inflammatory

Yerba mate also has a powerful anti-inflammatory capacity, which makes it a very suitable supplement for all those athletes who subject their muscles to tough training sessions.

8. Slimming

Being at the right weight is one of the essential conditions to be able to practice sports. However, if you have not yet reached your ideal weight, yerba mate can help you lose weight.

When you consume yerba mate you manage to increase your body temperature, which causes an acceleration of the metabolism, which causes fat to be burned more quickly and efficiently.

In addition, thanks to its high caffeine content, yerba mate fights fluid accumulation and serves as a powerful diuretic.

And after knowing all the nutritional properties and the richness of components that yerba mate has, you can start taking it before training, during training, and after it, and thus take advantage of all the benefits that this natural infusion offers you.


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