Are you an athlete? 4 types of breakfast you should know

Are you an athlete 4 types of breakfast you should know

You have surely heard on more than one occasion that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Therefore, we must pay our full attention to start the day with the energy and nutrients that our body needs. This importance is aggravated when we refer to the diet of an athlete, so, if this is your case, you should carefully plan your breakfast before training. But how many types of breakfasts are there for athletes? What nutrients do each of them provide? Discover the best varieties of breakfasts for sports lovers.

Are you an athlete 4 types of breakfast you should know

Ideal breakfasts for sports lovers

The cereals, the dairy and fruit make up the three groups of essential food at breakfast, especially in the first meal of the day that makes a person practicing regular exercise. In this case, we want to highlight four  types of breakfasts  that incorporate these food groups and that can be easily adapted to each person’s diet, whether they do sports frequently or in a lighter way.

Here are the details so you can choose the best breakfast that suits your pace of life and physical activity:

1) Light breakfast

The first breakfast for athletes that we want you to know is the light breakfast, characterized by containing the three essential food groups but in small doses and very low in calories. It is perfect for those days when you are not going to make a significant energy burnout.

  • Example of a light breakfast for athletes: 1 glass of skimmed milk with low-fat cereals + 1 glass of fresh orange juice.

2) Energy breakfast

This variety of breakfast is perfect for athletes with a very demanding training plan or who practice daily exercise. It supposes an important energy recharge until lunchtime due to its high caloric content.

  • Example of an energy breakfast for athletes: 1 glass of milk with cereals + 2 toasts with oil and tomato or jam + 1 banana + 1 glass of natural orange juice + 1 handful of dried fruits (raisins and nuts, preferably)

3) Classic breakfast

We now stop at another of the most popular types of breakfast. The classic breakfast follows the traditional recipe and will give you the energy you need to cope with your workouts.

  • Examples of a classic breakfast for athletes: 1 coffee with creamed milk + piece of homemade pastries; 1 glass of orange juice + 1 slice of toast with grated tomato; 1 glass of orange juice + rice pudding.

4) Fitness breakfast

The typical fitness breakfast is characterized by being very complete and balanced, as well as providing you with an authentic extra protein that you will need to recover from an intense training. Therefore, you can add the protein foods that you like the most to your traditional breakfast, such as eggs, turkey or ham.

  • Examples of fitness breakfasts for athletes: 1 glass of fresh orange juice + scrambled eggs with pieces of ham + 1 banana; 1 glass of skimmed milk with cereals + 1 fruit salad

If none of the breakfasts we have proposed convinces you, you can always use your imagination to create your own ideal breakfast. Do not forget to consult your doubts with your nutritionist so that they can tell you what the most appropriate diet should be for athletes, as well as the nutritional needs that you must cover first thing in the day before practicing exercise. We encourage you to try to have breakfast in the best possible way so that you can have the vitality and energy necessary to practice your favorite sporting activity.


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