The most surprising benefits of doing yoga as a couple

The most surprising benefits of doing yoga as a couple

Improve communication, discover and share a new activity, learn to relax together and, perhaps, feel more united than ever … these are some benefits that yoga as a couple can provide you and that are worth knowing.

The most surprising benefits of doing yoga as a couple

It is practiced in the same way as any other form of yoga, with slow movements, twists and stretches that promote meditation and relaxation, but in this case, in addition to seeking inner balance, the attempt to achieve total harmony with the other prevails.

Why should you do yoga as a couple?

Actually, in partner yoga, the postures (asana) are very similar to those performed in individual yoga. Introspection, inner and personal discovery are maintained, but in this case, there is one more goal: to connect with your partner to achieve a deep connection between the positive energies of two people and end up forming a single unit.

Back together, arms intertwined, smooth twists in unison, soles of the feet joined when performing a rhythmic movement, forearms held while maintaining the lotus position facing each other … These are some of the basic poses of yoga as a couple that report incredible benefits.

If you dare to do yoga in the morning and put this ancient technique or science into practice, you will see the immense achievement of breathing at the same rhythm, holding the postures for seconds and even for several minutes and managing to move as if you were two pieces of the same mechanism. The energy that yoga transmits to the couple ends up being reflected in their day to day life and supposes, in most cases, a general improvement in the relationship.

The 5 great advantages of doing yoga as a couple

If yoga is part of your life individually, try practicing it as a couple and you will discover the benefits of this wonderful experience. Here are all the advantages of doing yoga as a couple:

1. Greater confidence

Both mentally and physically. The individual relaxation of each of the members of the couple creates a unique atmosphere that invites them to strengthen ties and, after the session, to be able to talk, with serenity and empathy, on any subject. On a physical level, you count on your partner to perform and hold a certain posture. You lean on him, on his body (and your partner on yours). In short, you trust in your mutual support. Isn’t it the basis of any couple relationship?

2. Balance and coordination

Practicing yoga with your partner does not only imply controlling your body and your mind to achieve the movements you want. Now it is a matter of two and you must increase your efforts to achieve a common balance and optimal coordination if you want good results. In this sense, yoga as a couple can make you the best of the teams, a perfectly connected tandem both physically and mentally. There are couples who even dare with aero yoga, a most daring and interesting modality.

3. Patience and companionship

A person meditates and achieves relaxation with the practice of yoga, but decides to go one step further and do it with his partner. In fact, yoga is one of the best exercises for partner training outdoors. Achieving harmony is not always easy. It requires seeing the couple as a partner, a pillar of support. Connecting with the other exercises your patience and teaches you to forget yourself and think about the other person. Only then will you add your energies and your union will be really deep.

4. Get to know your partner better

Yoga seeks knowledge of one’s inner being and harmony with the environment. Perhaps practicing it together you will discover facets that you did not know about each other. Virtues and limitations, physical and mental capacities, something that is part of the multitude of benefits of training as a couple that you surely did not know.

5. Have a good time

Without a doubt, immersing yourself in an experience as enriching as yoga as a couple will bring you multiple benefits. Having some time to yourself discovering the “me” of each one and what you have in common is an adventure that can be fun and exciting in equal measure.


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