The keys to losing weight training with weights

The keys to losing weight training with weights

Although aerobic exercises involve a high expenditure of calories, if your goal is to lose a few kilos, you must be clear that you can also lose weight by training with weights. By working hard on the different muscle groups, you will not only achieve greater toning but also eliminate more accumulated fat than you think.

The keys to losing weight training with weights

Thinking that only Cardio training is adequate to lose weight is a fairly common mistake. Of course, running , swimming , cycling … is an excellent option to burn calories immediately, but strength exercises can be just as effective or even more.

Everything you need to know to burn fat with weights

In a weight training to burn fat and mark, the caloric expenditure continues for hours after the effort is finished. That is the “secret” of why weight training helps you lose weight and is not just limited to building and toning muscles. During training, the muscles work intensely, raising the basal metabolism and drawing on the body’s energy stores (glycogen and fat). Also, calorie consumption does not end once the effort is over.

You have to have what is known as EPO C, a concept that refers to the oxygen consumed post-training. To recover after an intense workout, our muscles continue to need oxygen and our body continues to burn calories to get it. Therein lies the power of weights to help you lose weight.

Maybe, doing aerobics you sweat more, but training with weights you burn calories for longer, mainly.

How to lose weight training with weights?

There are different types of strength training suitable for your goal: tone, build muscle, increase resistance, and lose weight … If yours is to have a firm and well-contoured silhouette while shedding pounds, then you should opt for a workout. With weights to lose weight. Also, to start doing weights on your own and lose those extra pounds, you must take into account the following keys:

Do not abuse the weight

It is not about having Schwarzenegger’s biceps but about putting the muscles to work with fast series and a good number of repetitions, something incompatible with too high a weight. Know the types of weights that exist and which ones are best adapted to your conditions and needs.

Mark every move

If you want to train with weights to lose weight, demand the maximum from your muscles in each exercise. We insist it is not a matter of load, but of contracting and stretching each of the muscle fibers well and in its entirety. With this effort you will be able to raise your basal metabolism, which is what it is all about.

Sufficient repetitions and a medium-high pace

The number of series and repetitions will always depend on the physical form and the level of training. It is interesting to do the maximum number possible, but without reaching muscle failure. An average can be 10 – 12 repetitions. As for the series, the ideal way to lose weight doing weights is to try to do at least two.

Train the large muscle groups

To lose weight with weights, it is preferable to perform multi-joint exercises, which involve the work of several muscles at the same time. For example, a series of bench presses or a deadlift exercise is more effective than a series of curls focused solely on developing the biceps. In this sense, as long as you warm up before lifting weights, a strength training circuit (working the trunk, upper body and lower body) can be as effective in burning fat as a triathlon test.

Join two exercises without rest between them

If your level of training is high, you can increase caloric expenditure by performing two exercises for different muscle groups continuously, with minimal rest or even suppressing it. Effort is important in your weight routine to burn fat but caloric expenditure, too.

These are the bases of a weight training with which you want to lose kilos. If that is your goal and you do not know whether to do cardio or weights to burn fat , among the exercises with weights that you should include in your routine are: the forward stride with the dumbbell, the bench press, the extensions with weight, the lateral dumbbell press and squats also with dumbbells.

Lastly, remember that your body needs a break between sessions. To lose weight training strength you must exercise alternate days, for example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday resting at least Tuesday and Thursday. On the other hand, monitoring your diet is also essential to achieve your goal.


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