Sit-ups or planks: what is better to have an iron abdomen?

Situps or planks what is better to have an iron abdomen

For some time now, a type of exercise that works the abs in a static but very effective way has become very fashionable. We are talking about plank exercises, a perfect way to get your belly muscles in shape but, at the same time, you also tone your arms and legs.

Situps or planks what is better to have an iron abdomen

If you want to know what to choose abs or planks to have a flat stomach, we recommend that you continue reading this article. We review the benefits of doing sit-ups or planks and how they can help you reduce your waist and tone your abdomen in a few days.

Essential differences between sit-ups or planks

We have been seeing for some time how a new sport has become fashionable in gyms that works the abdominal muscles in different ways: doing traditional abdominal exercises or in a static way by placing the body like a plank, parallel to the ground. Which of the two is better?

The truth is that the two modalities are good to be able to strengthen the abdomen without injuring the neck or other parts of the body, so you can opt for either of them to exercise this part of your body. However, it is important that you know the differences between abs and planks that will help you better understand these exercises:

  • Muscles used: one of the basic differences is in the number of muscles we use to do each exercise. With the traditional abs (abdominals) the muscles of the abdomen or the oblique are worked, depending on the exercise you perform; but in the case of the plank, other secondary muscles are worked such as the legs, buttocks, shoulders, and so on.
  • Movement : another of the basic differences between sit-ups and planks is that to do the first one you need to perform movement and that the work is distributed in series and repetitions while, for the plank, the trick is to stay static looking at the floor and hold for a few seconds in the same posture.
  • Calorie burn: another of the highlights is the amount of calories that are burned during the practice of sit-ups or planks. As we have already said, when we do sit-ups in a traditional way we work, first of all, the muscles of the belly but with the table we strengthen other muscle groups. Therefore, with the second, a greater caloric burn is achieved and, therefore, it is more recommended if what you want is to lose weight.

Isometric abs, the trend that triumphs

The plank exercise is still an exercise that is included within the isometrics, one of the most cutting-edge trends in the current fitness sector. These exercises are having enormous success because, as we have already said, they work a greater number of muscles at the same time, increase the burning of calories and, in addition, they are easy to perform. This makes it less common for you to injure or damage your cervical, something that was quite common in the practice of conventional abdominals.

It is an easy and very complete exercise that helps you define your abdomen better and spend more calories. The front plank is one of these most popular isometric abs today and you can easily do it at home simply by having a mat.

Tips for doing abs and planks correctly

Now that you have known the differences between abs and planks, it is important that you pay attention to these recommendations with which you can optimize your training and achieve better results.

  • Repetitions: you don’t have to beat yourself up with sets of 20 or 30 reps. in many cases, muscle toning depends more on the quality of the exercise than on the quantity.
  • Progress: your body will quickly get used to the intensity that you ask of it, therefore, it is important that you increase in intensity as you train. Don’t forget to warm up before doing sit-ups to avoid possible injuries.
  • Optimum time for the planks: there is a lot of controversy regarding this issue but, the truth is that to do the plank exercise correctly, you only have to hold 20 static seconds.
  • Breathe in a controlled way: breathing is very important when doing abdominal exercises and, therefore, we recommend that you do deep exhalations and inhalations.
  • Combine exercises: and, finally, to achieve a toned and healthy body it is important that, in addition to abs, you also perform other work routines that help you tone the rest of the muscles of the body.


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