Running with changes of pace: 4 benefits that will surprise you

Running with changes of pace 4 benefits that will surprise you

If you want to make the most of your training hours, you have to know that there is a secret that will help you achieve it: change your rhythm. In fact, it is one of the basic premises to make your training as efficient and beneficial as possible since, with these changes in intensity, you will be able to improve your resistance, your speed and, at the same time, burn more calories.

Running with changes of pace 4 benefits that will surprise you

So, as you can see, combining different rhythms and intensities is essential to get the most out of your running sessions. Therefore, in this article we are going to discover 4 benefits of running with changes of pace that will help you understand why it is the best training you can carry out.

Why train with changes of pace?

Spending 1 hour running without changing intensity at any time is not, at all, recommended. Keep in mind that our body is very intelligent and quickly adapts to the energy demands that you ask of it. In this way, it manages to spend as little as possible to have more saved and avoid spending the reserves.

However, if we want to lose weight, improve our resistance and eliminate saturated fat, nothing better than preventing the body from getting used to this level of demand. And this is only achieved through changes of rhythm. It is for this reason that it is very beneficial to design a training routine that combines different intensities and then we will discuss the benefits of running with changes of pace so that you know them better.

1. You prevent the body from getting used to it

One of the main benefits of running with a training of different intensities (or also known as “fartlek “) will help the body to be working at the maximum level throughout the training. And, for this reason, we will ensure that the time we dedicate to exercise is used 100%.

2. You improve your stamina

Another benefit of running with changes of rhythm is that our body, by working throughout the training session, manages to become more resistant and stronger. If the body gets used to exercise, its level of demand decreases and, therefore, it works less. On the other hand, if we surprise him every 2 or 3 minutes, we will ensure that he is working at maximum all the time.

3. You improve your speed

When you’re running and decide to start fartlek, one of the ways to regulate your intensity is by increasing your speed. The “sprints” are racing short but high speed that manages to surprise the body and do need to work on end. If you gain speed running, in the long run, it will make you much more used to high speeds and, therefore, that you can progressively increase your speed.

4. You burn more fat

And finally, this training with intensity changes is also ideal to burn a greater number of calories and, therefore, saturated fat. The reason is that our body will not get used to the energy demand and, therefore, will have to spend all the time using the energy reserve it has stored (that is, saturated fat) to satisfy the intensity that we are asking for.

Tips for doing a workout with changes of pace

As you can see, there are many benefits of running with changes of pace and, therefore, it is recommended that you start guiding your workouts following this modality. But, to do so, here are some important tips for running with changes of pace and intensity that you should take into account to take care of your health.

  • Progressive changes: as the saying goes “Rome wasn’t made in two days” so don’t go overboard and apply this training format progressively. Ideally, to start running with changes of pace  is that you start by combining blocks of 5 minutes of normal running with 2 minutes of stronger intensity so that your body is activated.
  • Accelerate the pace progressively: to avoid injuring yourself or damaging your muscles, it is important that you adapt the level of training to your physical level. That is, you do not want to run at a speed of 20 but, it is much better, that you start by setting the intensity high at 10 or 12 and that, little by little, you go up.
  • A training adapted to you: it is much better that you create a routine adapted to your level and your state of form and that, little by little, you progress. You will see that, in a short time, you can endure more minutes running at high intensity and that your body will also ask you for more walking speed. Listen to your body and don’t force yourself too much.


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