Running or Spinning: which sport is better for losing weight?

Running or Spinning which sport is better for losing weight

Do you want to lose weight but you don’t know which sport to choose, if running or Spinning? Surely more than once you have heard that spinning is a perfect activity to lose weight and burn many calories but … Is it better than running?

Running or Spinning which sport is better for losing weight

In this article we want to clarify your doubts and discover which sport is better to lose weight: spinning or running? You have to know that, in both disciplines, it is possible to consume a large amount of calories and, therefore, burn fat, therefore, both are ideal for losing weight. However, below we will analyze this issue in detail and help you to achieve your objectives.

Spinning and Running, perfect for losing weight

The truth is that if you want to know which sport is better to lose weight, you have to take into account that, both are exercises with a high cardiovascular intensity and, therefore, will help you burn fat.

But in order to lose weight it is not so important which of the two you choose as the intensity with which you practice the exercises. Spinning is a directed class in which a teacher will set the pace for you and, therefore, aims to burn calories and strengthen the body.

Running, however, is usually a more individual exercise in which you yourself will be the one to set the pace. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you do intensive and interval training if you want to lose weight.

How to lose weight with running?

However, to answer your question about whether spinning or running is better to lose weight, we have to say that, if we look only at the sports modality, running is slightly better. The reason is that, when running, we activate a greater number of muscles and, in addition, our body supports the strides we make when we advance.

On the other hand, spinning is an exercise that is performed on a bicycle and, therefore, the muscles that are worked most are the one located in the lower part of the body.

Therefore, it is possible to lose weight running successfully but, as we have already said, what is really valid is the type of intensity and training to which you submit the body. It will be of little use to spend 1 hour running at the same speed, the ideal is to change rhythms and demand effort from your body.

How can Spinning help you lose weight?

As we can see, although running is the best sport to lose weight, it also implies great willpower and great motivation to go out for a run. Basically because it will be you who will set the pace and who will design the training to follow.

On the other hand, if you opt for spinning, it will always be a teacher who stipulates the rhythm, intensity and speed of the march. They are classes that are directed and focused on improving our physical and sports performance.

This is the main reason why spinning currently achieves better results than running: essentially because one of the benefits of spinning is that the classes are led by a fitness expert who knows how to optimally exercise the body.

Important tips to lose weight with Running or Spinning

Now that we have clarified your doubts about which sport is best for losing weight, it is time to stop along the way and give you some tips that will help you fulfill your purpose. We give you some recommendations to lose weight with Spinning or Running:

  • Find yourself a gym buddy: There is nothing more motivating than going to the gym with someone you know. It will help you overcome laziness and make your visits to the gym a social event.
  • Choose Spinning if you don’t like sport in general: if you are not very passionate about sport, it is best if you opt for spinning. Basically because, being a directed class, it will be more enjoyable and fun than starting to run on the treadmill or on the street.
  • Mix intensities: if you want to lose weight, there is nothing better than opting for an exercise that intersperses different intensities. It is much better to go up and down the pace and spend 30 minutes than spend 1 hour training at the same pace.


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