Natural daily beauty ritual to delay wrinkles

Natural daily beauty ritual to delay wrinkles

Adopting some simple habits can stimulate the mechanisms of hydration and regeneration of the skin. Because, regardless of age, all skin is beautiful if it is well cared for.

Natural daily beauty ritual to delay wrinkles

The aging of the skin is an inevitable physiological process, genetically programmed and that depends on the progressive decrease in hormonal production. But some external factors accelerate this process, such as stress, dietary habits, pollution, the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and medicines, or exposure to extreme weather factors (cold, sun, wind or humidity).

The aging process is irreversible and involves changes in the structures of the skin. The germ layer of the epidermis becomes disorganized and the horny layer becomes rough and dry as it is not able to retain the natural moisture of the skin. Dryness and lack of nutrition appear, the skin becomes thin and the most superficial blood capillaries become transparent.

Over time, the skin reflects everything we have experienced: expression lines are paths that we have traveled and that have left a mark. Healthy and well-cared for skin is beautiful at any age, you just have to take proper care of it.


In the dermis, fibroblasts (the most common cells of connective tissue) decrease their activity while collagen and elastin fibers reduce their size and properties, so the skin loses flexibility and tone. In the deeper layers the connective tissue atrophies, the sebaceous and sweat glands reduce their activity and the fatty tissues sag.

As a consequence, the skin loses firmness, giving rise to deeper folds where expression lines are drawn. Hyperpigmentation spots can also appear in areas less protected from the sun.

The skin around the eyes is the most fragile and sensitive on the entire face. Very fine, it has a lymphatic and circulatory network that works at different speeds day or night. The slow elimination of waste from the lymphatic system and the colonization of adipose cells causes bags, dark circles and puffiness of the eyelids to appear.

This area therefore needs special care. To alleviate dark circles and stimulate microcirculation, it is advisable to use light formulations that especially protect to prevent loss of water, which in this area is already scarce.

Creams rich in eyebright, cornflower or elderberry extracts can be very useful.


Taking care of aging skin is essential to keep it nourished and healthy. These cares are focused on preventing water loss, strengthening the epidermis, promoting microcirculation, alleviating the loss of fat in the lipid layer and improving the skin’s relief.

  • In the morning. You can wash your face with fresh water and a mild facial soap, followed by an anti-wrinkle day cream rich in rosehip oil, wheat germ, horsetail extract or gout kola. Try to avoid creams based on petrochemical derivatives. Once absorbed, apply a sunscreen if necessary, preferably without chemical filters. If you use makeup, it is preferable that it is natural and not occlusive.
  • In the evening. Even if you haven’t put on makeup, cleaning will help remove accumulated grease, sweat and dust particles. Choose a fluid cleansing milk without silicone and wipe it off with a damp cotton pad or sponge. Then, with gentle touches, you can apply a toner that contains rose water, orange blossom or azulene. Then apply a nourishing night cream or serum rich in argan, sesame or jojoba vegetable oils and spread over the face, neck and décolleté


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