How to care for your skin and hair at night

How to care for your skin and hair at night

The night holds enormous potential for your beauty because, while you sleep, the body regenerates. With these tips for skin and hair care, you can make the most of your night’s rest.

How to care for your skin and hair at night

Physical and mental rest is reflected in appearance and this happens at any age. However, sleep is often underestimated as an effective tool for beauty. Unfortunately, in the course of our increasingly digitized and busy daily lives, we leave little time to get a quality night’s rest.

The result of the few hours of sleep and a bad rest is usually waking up with a thick head and tired skin. There is research that even suggests a link between poor sleep and early wrinkles.

After all, the work of internal cleansing in your body reaches its peak at night. Cells die and new ones grow back. The liver activates its purification systems and the brain undergoes a “complete washout”. Even the environmental damage caused by the sun and the cold is counteracted.


Proper cosmetic night care can help, because at night the skin is particularly receptive to the active ingredients of natural ingredients.

Sunscreen-free 24-hour skin care moisturizers that we put on in the morning can significantly improve the appearance of our skin. In night creams, however, the active ingredients are more concentrated and produce a more profound effect. Ideally, night care should contain substances such as:

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  • High quality vegetable oils.
  • Antioxidant substances such as pine bark extract for cell protection or resveratrol, which softens fine lines and skin-like substances to repair the skin barrier.
  • Seaweed and sea silt extracts to strengthen connective tissue.
  • Thermal water to relieve irritations.


Before going to bed you should clean the skin thoroughly. If you go to bed without washing your face, you run the risk of redness, pimples and itchiness due to accumulation of dirt and traces of makeup.

Cleansing milk and alcohol-free toner are ideal for dry skin. For normal and combination skin, a mild cleansing foam or wash gel plus an alcohol-free toner is best.

If you are short on time, you can exceptionally use a cotton pad soaked with micellar lotion, gently rubbing the face and the eye area.

Healthy and non-inflamed skin supports well a peel twice a week, for sensitive skin an enzymatic peel is better.

In the morning, you should wipe your face from sweat and sebum that has been produced during the night.


You can apply products based on shea butter, soy or wheat proteins to your hair at night to take care of the hair structure and promote healthy growth. These products must be distributed throughout the hair and the next morning they must be rinsed with a mild shampoo.

A healthy scalp promotes strong hair. Washing your hair frequently and blow drying it with hot air makes it very dry. In these cases, non-greasy scalp lotions with orange or lavender essential oil can help, because they promote microcirculation.

If the scalp is quite dry, hair oils with cedar oil, grape seed oil or with suace bark extract and hydrating scalp treatments restore the balance of the skin.


Overnight skin rejuvenation processes can be enhanced with anti-wrinkle ingredients such as fruit acids and vitamin A (retinol). Creams that contain these nutrients refine pores, reduce the depth of wrinkles, and fade pigmentation spots.

Products with fruit acids can activate cell regeneration and stimulate collagen formation. Vitamin A is not only considered an effective anti-aging ingredient, it can also help smooth acne scars.

However, if both are used frequently, they can cause skin peeling, itching, and redness. Accelerated cell turnover also makes the skin more sensitive to light. During the day, therefore, you should protect it with a cream with a high physical protector, especially on sunny days.

Finally, it is recommended that all the products you use for skin care are of natural or certified organic production.


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