4 basic exercises to start calisthenics

4 basic exercises to start calisthenics

The calisthenics is a type of training in which body weight itself acts as the best of the resistors. It works practically without accessories and is perfect for burning fat, keeping fit and gaining power and endurance. If you want to start practicing calisthenics and try training with your own body weight, you must know the basic exercises of calisthenics.

4 basic exercises to start calisthenics

Sometimes, based on training with machines, weights and other elements of the gym, we forget that we need very little to work the different muscle groups conscientiously. Calisthenics gains followers every year because controlling and performing movements that take into account your own weight is a safe and effective training. The exercises are tailored to your physical constitution and, with enough effort, the general improvement is evident in a short time. Toning muscles, feeling stronger (you can with your weight) and also more agile and light, is one of the reasons to start calisthenics.

The calisthenics training is demanding and you have to go slowly. Among the reasons why you can resort to calisthenics are the following:

  • Joint work of the whole body and harmonious development of the muscles (it is not designed to gain volume, but to tone all muscle groups).
  • When it comes to performing the different routines, your weight is your only resistance.
  • It improves posture in general and promotes better control of your own body.
  • It is perfect as a complement to any other sports activity.
  • It is suitable for practically everyone who has a minimum state of physical form.
  • It is varied and fun because it allows a multitude of exercises.

How to get started in calisthenics?

When starting calisthenics, it is a mistake to believe that it is a simple training and that we can launch ourselves into demanding exercises because we do not use accessories. To get started in calisthenics without the risk of injury , you have to start with the basic exercises that work the large muscle groups increasing their power so that, in later more complex exercises, which require us to “pull” our own body, they work perfectly. .

Among the basic exercises to start training with your own body weight you should include:

  • Squats. It is a complete exercise in itself that especially affects the lower body. It strengthens the legs and buttocks, but it also works the firmness of the abdominal muscles and contributes to improving the general balance, so that it is an ideal exercise to tone the legs and abdomen. Watch the correct posture and start with sets of 10 – 12 repetitions.
  • Push-ups. Elementary for your arms to gain the strength they will need in subsequent exercises. If you are starting out, do them with your knees and not your toes. When your biceps and triceps have gained shape, move on to traditional push-ups.
  • Dominated. It is the clearest example of how you can raise your body (and its weight) by training and enhancing your own arm strength. Pull-ups are tough and demanding. It’s one of the few calisthenics exercises for beginners that requires a supplement: a barbell. To make the first chins easier for you, do them with a supine grip (palms facing you) and start trying to complete 2 – 3, you will increase the repetitions when your arms are ready. You can also include this exercise in your Calisthenics routine to train your abs at home.
  • Buttocks and hips lift. It seems simple but this exercise is intense and strengthens the lower body, including the lower back. Lying on your back with your legs bent and your arms along your side, raise your pelvis while contracting your glutes. When you are in shape, try doing some form of this exercise, for example, stretching one leg when you are in the elevated position.

Finally, remember that also, using only your body, you can incorporate aerobic exercises (even explosive movements) into your calisthenics routine. Jumps, lunges, knees to the chest, Mountain climber… are just some of the basics to keep in shape using your weight to your own advantage.


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