3 tips to start doing fartlek

3 tips to start doing fartlek

The fartlek training is one of the most currently followed by riders because it provides a variety of interesting benefits for athletes. On the one hand, it is a type of training that manages to improve sports performance and speed; on the other hand, it is a method within running that can help you burn more calories and, therefore, lose weight more quickly and effectively.

3 tips to start doing fartlek

In this article we are going to discover 3 recommendations to start doing fartlek since, in this way, you can join this training method that will help you make the most of your sports sessions.

What is Fartlek training?

Before giving you some tips to start doing fartlek we believe that it is important that we pause for a moment to define this concept well so that you are clear about what it consists of. It is a training system that combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercises and whose main characteristic is the change of rhythm. In fact, the term “fartlek” comes from the Swedish word for “speed game”, something that completely defines this sport.

Thus, the characteristics of fartlek training are as follows:

  • An uneven workout where different intensities are combined to improve your sprint technique and run better
  • The objective is that your body does not get used to the energy demand and, therefore, is working at the highest level  all the time
  • This training will allow you to improve your resistance as well as your muscles and you will gain speed by running progressively
  • It is also an ideal way to lose weight since your body will be constantly expending energy (calories) to satisfy the unequal demands that you are making of it.

How to start fartlek from scratch

Now that you know what fartlek consists of, we are beginning to show you the 3 recommendations to start doing fartlek and with which you will get the most out of your training sessions.

1. Start progressively

This is the key to be able to start fartlek optimally. You have to know that, like all workouts, this one can be a bit complicated at first but, with time, you will get used to it. To do this, we recommend that you follow a training routine like the one indicated below:

  • Jog at a pace that’s good for you and is easy to follow
  • When 4 or 5 minutes have passed, do a 30 second change of pace
  • Then jog again for 4 to 5 minutes at a medium pace.
  • Try repeating this rhythm change for 2 or 3 times

2. Increase the time little by little

As the weeks go by, you will notice that your body feels comfortable with this fartlek routine for beginners and, therefore, it is time to increase the intensity and ask for an “extra”. To do this, we recommend that you follow this routine:

  • Run at medium speed for 4 minutes
  • Change the rhythm and hold 4 minutes at that new speed
  • Go back down and run 4 more minutes at medium pace
  • Try to repeat this change every 4 or 5 minutes throughout your training and, this way, your body will be giving the best of itself all the time.

This is just an example of a fartlek routine but you can create your own depending on your abilities and the goal you want to pursue.

3. Warming up, essential before doing fartlek

In addition to these routines that we have indicated, you have to know that, if you want to start doing fartlek, it is important that you do a complete warm-up. With this, you will be able to reduce the possibility of injury, in addition to preparing your body for the training to which you will submit it.

The ideal warm-up consists of stretching the muscles in the area you are going to work well (legs, buttocks, arms and back, especially) and that, before starting to train, you walk at a brisk pace for about 5 minutes. Thus, your body will prepare for training.


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