Tricks to personalize your cream and other beauty products

Tricks to personalize your cream and other beauty products

The more suitable a cosmetic product is for your skin type, the better it will do. Learn some simple tricks to personalize and improve your hygiene and cosmetic products with natural substances.

Tricks to personalize your cream and other beauty products

All skins, when healthy, are beautiful. Each one with its characteristics and peculiarities, which no one knows better than one, but beautiful.

To correct its imperfections and imbalances it is best to enhance its vitality with healthy and live products from plants, which are adapted to your needs.

Therefore, the first thing is to know your own skin: its appearance, texture, if an emulsion or an oil suits it, if it is more or less sensitive … You have to spend some time observing it if you want to formulate cosmetics that adapt better to her.


Infusions, decoctions and vegetable and essential oils will be our raw materials to make personalized cosmetics or enhance those we already have.


The pure essential oils, the most concentrated and subtle form of the plant will be a great tool. They penetrate deep into the skin at the cellular level, which makes them very effective.

Highly concentrated essential oils should be used in small doses: in general, 15 to 20 drops per 100 ml of oil or base product, depending on whether the essential oil is more or less soft.

When it comes to adding oils to a base cream, whether vegetable or essential, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for that specific cream.


For daily facial cleansing you can enhance your cleanser, be it an oil, micellar water or fluid milk, by adding lemon essential oil. Lemon, suitable for any skin type, disinfects and brightens, making the skin even cleaner and fresher.

After cleansing, you can tone the skin very easily with herbal teas, liquid aloe gel or floral waters.

For dry skin, the decoction of oats and the infusion of mallow or yarrow are highly recommended. Sensitive skin benefits from the infusion of chamomile or calendula and orange blossom water; and oily skin, from the infusion of nettle or witch hazel.


To create a facial oil, you can use a mixture of vegetable oils, which will be the base of the cosmetic, and one or more essential oils, which will give the formula its specific properties.

  • Dry skin prefers energetically sweet and soothing essential oils. To a base of sesame oil and avocado add essential oil of ginger, lemon, neroli or cardamom.
  • Sensitive skin calls for soothing and refreshing oils. Add geranium, sandalwood or ylang-ylang essential oil to a base of almond and coconut oil.
  • Oily skin benefits from facial oils, which, far from greasing it, regulate and detoxify it. Spicy and stimulating essential oils can be added. Give a corn or grape seed oil a hint of cloves, lavender or bergamot.


Another option is to buy a natural base cream and add vegetable or essential oils to it. Some websites offer everything you need to prepare basic cosmetics at home:

  • apart from ingredients and base creams, it offers useful information and workshops.
  • they have many organic ingredients.
  • they have variety, but not everything is natural and organic.

Remember that, when personalizing or making cosmetics, you should preferably use vegetable and essential oils of first cold pressing and ecological.

Keep your products protected from heat and light in a tightly closed glass container. Apply them every night on clean skin.


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