9 ideas to fill your plates with strawberries and passion

9 ideas to fill your plates with strawberries and passion

Strawberries fill us with joy and vitality. Any excuse is good to put some strawberries in your mouth. Find new ways to consume them and in ways that preserve all their properties.

9 ideas to fill your plates with strawberries and passion

The strawberry is the queen of fruits in many respects. Chiquita, very red, full of freckles, which are actually its seeds, and with a shape so similar to the heart that in many love stories it appears as a symbol.

And I am not surprised: strawberry, strawberry or whatever they call you according to the culture, thank you for existing and transmitting your special characteristics that activate all our senses!


Strawberry is a tremendously seductive and aphrodisiac fruit, and it nourishes in such a direct way that our blood and digestive system always appreciate it entering our body. It provides you with minerals, especially iron and magnesium. In addition, it is rich in vitamins, such as C, K and folic acid.

We mainly find red strawberries, although there are white, yellow or purple ones, each with its own peculiarity. I always recommend eating the fruits as they are and the strawberries are especially delicious on their own. So, pick strawberries, sit back and enjoy.

In general, you don’t need to add anything to them, but when they have a duller flavor, you can enhance it by adding a little coconut sugar and a pinch of salt. Macéra they in slices or pieces an hour and they will go to another dimension of flavor.

On the other hand, orange, mint and vanilla suit him very well. I encourage you to add them to this same preparation. Raw cooking also offers you many other possibilities to enjoy it. Discover them!


Strawberry will awaken your creativity in the kitchen. These are my favorite preparations.

  1. With yogurt: add crushed or whole to your “dairy” vegetables.
  2. Smoothie: they are great with coconut milk, almonds, hazelnuts, hemp … If you want a thicker smoothie, freeze them first.
  3. Jam: crush them with dates in equal parts and you will get an identical consistency to jam. Of course, keep it in the fridge and use it in a few days.
  4. Cream: mix them with soaked nuts, such as cashews, peeled almonds or pine nuts, a sweetener and a little coconut oil, and you will have a tasty filling for cakes or other sweets.
  5. In salads: with green leaves and whatever you want, the strawberry will stand out like a good tomato.
  6. Vinaigrette: another option is to use it in the dressing, crushing it with lemon, salt and a little oil.
  7. Dehydrated: get a couple of kilos, cut them into slices and dehydrate them well. You will get some delicious candies.
  8. Powder: once dehydrated you can also grind them and use this powder to flavor, color or decorate other recipes.
  9. Healthy sweets: whisk them together with other fruits, such as pineapple, banana or apple, and dehydrate until they are chewy or crunchy.


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