9 delicious ways to eat almonds that you did not know

9 delicious ways to eat almonds that you did not know

Raw, this nutritious dried fruit transmits all its wisdom to you. In the kitchen your possibilities are endless.

The almond is a very versatile dried fruit that we can use in both salty and sweet preparations. Next, I’m going to give your ideas to take advantage of them in surprising ways, but before you start using them, I recommend activating them. It is a process that, among other things, allows them to be more digestive.

9 delicious ways to eat almonds that you did not know
  • What do you have to do to activate the almonds? First, it is essential to start with raw and whole almonds, without roasting or frying.
  • emójalas in warm water of 12 to 24 hours.
  • After that time, strain them and wash them well and then eat them (although the ideal would be to peel them an hour before).

These activated almonds can be eaten instantly or stored in the fridge for up to 3 days. Once activated, it is time to taste them in all kinds of preparations. We give you original proposals to include in your recipes.


If you have a dehydrator or have enough hours of sun in your place of residence, you can dry the almonds once the activation process has been carried out. They will be crispy and very tasty.

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Delicious almond snack

If you season them or coat them in some cream before drying the almonds, you will have a delicious snack. I like to make them with a curry cream, salt and crushed almonds. Also, with pesto. Another option is to make them sweet: with cinnamon, anise or cocoa.

Almond creams and sauces

The almond has a lot of fat and that favors the process when preparing creams and sauces. In addition, the almond can give that interesting contribution of texture to fresh soups or sauces that you can use to season whatever you want.

Almond-based pates

You can use the almond as a main or secondary ingredient to create delicious spreads. You can combine them with any vegetable, fruit or leaf. You will achieve very interesting results.

Almond cheese

Blend the almond, ideally peeled, together with a probiotic and water, or just with a little rejuvelac, until creamy. Then let it ferment for 5 hours to 2 days, season to taste and eat it as is, spread or as a filling.

Vegetable almond milk

Soak the almonds in water to activate them, then strain them, wash them and then grind them with water. Finally, filter the set with a cloth bag.

You will get an excellent whitish drink that you can take as is or seasoned. You can make this drink with any dried fruit or seed. The results are incredibly amazing.

Almond crackers

Add the activated (or ground) almonds to your dehydrated cookies. I like to combine almond and golden flax in equal parts, with tomato, red pepper and salt. They are tremendous.

Almond-based cakes

Almonds are the classic base for our raw cakes. By simply crushing a part of activated almonds with another part of dates on the branch, you will obtain a moldable consistency to make cake bases and that you can fill with a seasonal fruit.

This base can be combined with any other sweet fruit, such as raisins, figs, plums, apricots…

Put almond in the granola

Almonds cannot be absent from this great alchemy. I activate them and mix them in pieces together with the other ingredients that I choose, such as coconut, cinnamon, cocoa beans, sprouted buckwheat and apple.

Then I dehydrate the mixture until it is crisp.

Chocolate with almond

I can’t stop recommending a classic. When making your own chocolates, before taking them to mold and cool, add some chopped activated and dehydrated almonds.


The process of the almond tree is very curious. Its trunk and strong bare branches in early winter go almost unnoticed. Suddenly, in just a few days, it is bursting with life in the form of beautiful white flowers.

The tree detaches itself from its nakedness to cover itself in a beautiful white cloak that does not leave even the most insensitive indifferent.

Each flower of the almond tree gives life to a fruit. In a few weeks, some green leaves sprout and the flower mantle gradually turns into almonds.

At first, they will be green, but later, in the heat of summer, they will ripen and dry out.

As much as I try to explain it, experiencing this process is unique, because it contains the four elements of nature, insects, birdsong, sunrises, sunsets, storms…

Everything happens around it, and the tree and its fruits absorb it in such a way that inside that almond there is more than nutrients such as calcium, fats or proteins. There is a lot of other information in the form of subtle, intangible nutrients, impossible to name.


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