What types of training can you do with a personal trainer?

What types of training can you do with a personal trainer

If you have lost motivation or don’t really know the type of training you need, the best option is to turn to a professional. For this, you can count on a personal trainer to help you define your objectives and achieve your goals, both aesthetically and health-wise. Whether in the gym, outdoors or in your own home, personal advice will give you motivation and technique to perform the exercises, as well as greater personalization.

What types of training can you do with a personal trainer

Specifically, the role of the personal trainer has the following objectives:

  • Explore the student’s needs.
  • Use the most appropriate techniques, processes and materials to provide real solutions.
  • Give personalized advice.
  • Motivate and teach the individual to train by making good use of the exercise technique.
  • Avoid injuries that are usually committed by a lack of technique.

However, it is important to note that there are different modalities of personal training. In this case, you can find a Super Prof personal trainer that suits your needs and goals depending on the city where you live. If you want to discover which option is the most suitable for you, we explain the different options.

Types of personal training

If you want to maximize your results and achieve your goals, personal training will be an effective tool to achieve it. These are the different modalities that you can find:

Strength training in the room

If your main goal is to define and gain muscle mass, the strength training in the gym hall will be the best choice. To do this, a personal trainer will create specific routines to work the different muscle groups: legs, glutens, back, biceps, triceps, chest and core. Through the use of weights, dumbbells and machines in the gym room, you will achieve a leaner and more toned body. Also, with the help of a personal trainer, you can do it the right way. That is, at your own pace and avoiding injuries.

Functional training

If you are looking to lose weight and tone at the same time, functional training will be your modality. What does it consist of? This is a practical and useful workout that includes exercises and functional movements. That is, the main objective is to prepare the muscles for day-to-day activities, improving the sports performance of each person and reducing the risk of injury. The materials that are usually used are the TRX or suspension training, elastic bands, weighted balls or dumbbells.

Group training

If you want to increase your motivation and do sports in a fun way, you can try group training or pairs. Through cardio, functional and strength exercises, you will get fit in record time.

Injury rehabilitation

On many occasions, an injury makes it difficult for you to do sports normally. In this case, a training focused on the rehabilitation of injuries will allow you to accelerate your recovery and increase the mobility of that area.

Training of a specific sport

If you practice a certain sport or want to start, you can also look for a training focused on a specific sport discipline. For example, Pilates, yoga, dance, running, or boxing.

Online training

In case you do not find time or prefer to train alone, you have the option of doing an online training. In this way, the personal trainer will give you the routines and guidelines you need to achieve your goals. Therefore, you will have greater flexibility when training.

In short, it is essential that you find the sports discipline that you like the most or that motivates you. In this way, doing sports will become a habit and you will achieve those goals that you have set for yourself. Discover the most suitable personal training modality for you and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!


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