Smart watch or activity bracelet: which one should you choose?

Smartwatch or activity bracelet which one should you choose

Hey are two accessories that are increasingly present in more dolls due to the multiple and practical functions that they can perform. They are similar, but not exactly the same and if you are considering buying one of the two, you want to know them a little better before choosing between a smart watch or an activity bracelet.

Smartwatch or activity bracelet which one should you choose

Both are included in the category of gadgets or wearable’s , digital devices that you can take with you anywhere and, in addition, each of them offers multiple models and different applications, so, choose between an activity bracelet or a smart watch raises more than one doubt.

Both smart watches and activity bracelets have evolved and are becoming more complete and effective, but there are still differences between them to take into account because they involve important advantages and disadvantages that you must know to make your decision correct.

Similarities and differences between an activity bracelet and a smart watch

The first thing to clarify is that there is no better device than another. It all depends on your needs and the use you are going to give it. It may be that for you a bracelet of the most basic and inexpensive is more than enough, or you may need a smart watch that is practically like carrying your computer in your hand. In any case, the key is to know the characteristics and possibilities that each one offers to know if a smart watch or an activity bracelet is convenient for you.

1. Basic functions

An activity bracelet focuses, almost exclusively, on the two essential functions for which it has been designed: recording your movements, measuring them and transforming them into “steps”, and obtaining information about your rest, that is, hours. Sleep and quality of it. Some smart watches also do it, but not all, because they give priority to other functions that they can offer and that manufacturers consider more interesting (messaging, social networks, general information, online shopping …)

2. Extra functions

They are many and varied but there are two that most bracelets usually incorporate and that many watches do not include because they are not designed for sports activity. The heart rate monitor, capable of accurately measuring the heart rate, and the inactivity alert, which jumps if you have not moved for too long, are two examples of functions that include bracelets and not smart watches (generally). On the other hand, most models of smart watches do include GPS. It’s time to ask yourself if you need it or not.

3. Applications and devices for analysis of results

In both cases, you not only have to look at the bracelet or smart watch that you are wearing, but also at the capacity of the application to which it is associated to offer you practical and reliable information. Technological advances do not cease to amaze us and connectivity is becoming easier. Even so, many smart watches require their own operating systems and media (IPhone) in order to get the most out of them. A basic activity bracelet has fewer requirements to offer the information it has collected.

4. Design and price

At the moment, smart watches are still quite bulky and not very “discreet”, so you may find it uncomfortable to wear one, while activity wristbands are becoming thinner and lighter and some really follow the most current fashion. On the other hand and at the moment, smart watches are more expensive than bracelets.

Smart watch vs. activity bracelet: which one do you prefer?

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a smart watch compared to an activity bracelet. The watch is more complete, but it may have a multitude of functions that you do not need and, instead, show some important lack for you. For example, a bracelet can be great to monitor your progress in a sports activity or to know exactly the calories ingested and expended in a day … is that what you want to improve your health and fitness? On the other hand, a smart watch will inform you of any news of your interest or of any message that enters your mobile. Is it essential for you?

In conclusion, both devices offer a multitude of advantages to combine sport with everyday life, choosing the best one for you requires an analysis of what your day-to-day is like and what you really need.


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