The best salads for athletes

the best salads for athltes

Leaving aside the classic lettuce and tomato recipe, salads make up a very complete and versatile dish, also for those who exercise frequently. There are a large number of recipes for salads ideal for athletes, rich in protein and carbohydrates ideal to take before or after training. Do you want to learn how to make your own? Keep reading and you will discover our selection of the  best salads for athletes,  made with very nutritious and easily available ingredients, so you can expand your recipe book and create the healthiest dishes during your training week. Take note!

the best salads for athltes

4 salad recipes for your sports diet

In the supermarket and in food stores you can find a wide variety of foods that give a lot of strength and energy to the body, ideal to take on those occasions when you are going to subject your body to a significant effort during training. Take advantage of the nutrients that these foods provide you, such as legumes or fruits, to combine them as you like and create perfect protein salads for training. Do you need some ideas? Here are some of the most interesting and healthy:

1) Lentil salad

Our first proposal combines the iron and vitamins that lentils contain with the intense flavor of fresh cheese and arugula. Although their consumption is more frequent during the coldest months of the year, you can also take them in the form of a salad. It is a very quick and easy recipe to make. You just have to drain the lentils well (which are normally sold in a glass jar), add them on a plate along with the arugula, cherry tomatoes, a can of tuna and a little fresh cheese. Afterwards, season it with olive oil, vinegar and salt. Delicious!

2) Fig salad with ham

We now stop at one of the most exotic sports salads. Combine the sweet taste of the fig with the salty touch of the Serrano ham. A mixture that you will undoubtedly love and that you will be determined to try on your training days. However, it is advisable to take it one day a week due to its high caloric content. To make it, you must wash the figs, peel them and cut them into segments, and place them together with the lettuce. Then add some diced Camembert cheese and slices of Serrano ham in the center. Dress the salad with a dash of vinegar to your liking.

3) Pasta salad

The classic pasta salad is also an excellent option, especially to take it before doing sports, since it will allow you to get the necessary energy input to perform the exercises. You can accompany it with the ingredients that you like the most, although our recommendation is that you bet on lamb’s lettuce, cherry tomatoes, fresh cheese, onion to taste and a handful of nuts. What are you waiting for to prepare it?

4) Chicken and orange salad

This salad is a delicacy. Chicken is an ideal ingredient to add protein to salads, while orange is a citrus rich in vitamin C that helps eliminate toxins. Add both ingredients to a bowl with lettuce and garnish with walnuts, olive oil and salt.


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