The 7 foods with the most protein for athletes

The 7 foods with the most protein for athletes

Do you know that a diet rich in protein is essential for your muscles to grow and stay strong and healthy? Complete your work out in the gym with a diet that does not lack the sports foods that contain more proteins, as we show you below.

The 7 foods with the most protein for athletes

Proteins are macromolecules that contain basic elements for the proper functioning of our body. These elements are amino acids, some considered essential because they are not produced by our body and we have to obtain them through food. Proteins fulfill multiple metabolic functions, but one of the most important is to contribute to the creation of our body tissues, including those that form muscle mass.

Anyone needs to ingest a minimum of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight per day, but in the case of athletes, this amount should be higher, ranging between 1g and 2g, even a little more, always depending on the activity physical to be performed. A diet that includes foods with high protein content is essential if you practice intense exercise.

What foods provide more protein to athletes?

If daily workouts are part of your daily life, monitoring your diet is important for your health, your well-being and also to improve your sports activity by taking care of muscles and joints. Take note of the foods with more proteins ideal for athletes and make sure they are not lacking in a varied and balanced diet.

1. egg

It is an extraordinary source of protein of high biological value because it contains all the essential amino acids that an athlete needs. To give you an idea, a medium-sized egg can provide 6-7 grams of protein, concentrated mainly in its white, so you should include egg white in your sports diet. If you want to take care of your muscles and train hard in the gym to make it grow, the egg, in its many culinary options, must be present in your menus.

2. Meat

The different types of meats provide the body with basic nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. Protein is also an essential part of its composition as are fats, present in greater or lesser proportion. An athlete should choose meats that contain the highest amount of protein and less fat. In this sense, poultry, chicken and turkey, and veal (lean pieces) are the most advisable. 100 grams of beef provide about 20 grams of protein and in the case of poultry the percentage ranges between 22 and 24 grams.

3. Fish

If you are more of a fish and want to increase your protein intake, salmon, tuna and cod are three excellent options. Grilled, baked or boiled in broth, these fish are foods rich in protein that also provide essential acids such as Omega 3 that have so many benefits for cardiovascular health.

4. Soy

Soy and some of its derivatives, such as tofu or tempeh, are the foods with the highest amount of vegetable protein that you can find (approximately 20% of its total composition). Soy is perfect to supplement meat in vegetarian and vegan diets to gain muscle mass and also contains isoflavones, valuable antioxidants that stop the action of free radicals. On the list of foods with more protein, soy is undoubtedly in the “top”.

5. Nuts

Especially athletes looking for a diet that helps to enhance their muscles have the perfect “snack” in some nuts. These foods should be taken in moderation because of their high caloric value, but a handful of peanuts, almonds or pistachios are three great possibilities to obtain extra vegetable protein without resorting to any type of supplement.

6. Dairy

In general, milk and its derivatives should be included in a balanced diet, but if you want to choose a dairy that surprises with its high protein value, opt for cheese, the more cured the better. 100 grams of a rich Manchego or Parmesan cheese can make you take about 30 of protein derived from milk, but be careful! The fat content is also high.

7. Gelatin

A food basically composed of protein and that you can use for dessert? … Don’t hesitate. Gelatin exceeds 80 grams of protein per 100, it is delicious and does not make you fat.


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