How to turn your passion for sports into your profession

How to turn your passion for sports into your profession

If sport is one of the great passions you have in your life and you would like to dedicate yourself to it professionally, the labor market offers you multiple options to achieve it. Find out how to turn your passion for sports into your profession.

How to turn your passion for sports into your profession

3 interesting professions related to sports

Physical activity is one of the best routines that we can carry out in our life since it allows us to achieve well-being, both physically and mentally. In addition, it also helps us to develop at the body level.

If you are a sports lover, surely you would like to turn your passion into a profession you can live on. Today, the labor market offers you multiple opportunities to dedicate yourself professionally to sports, such as working as a socio-sports coach. We reveal three interesting professional opportunities related to the world of sports. Take note!

1. Higher Technician in Teaching and Social Sports Animation (TSEAS)

The interest generated by physical activity and sport in today’s society has increased the demand for professionals in sports centers and gyms. The TSEAS is the specialist technician who is trained to perform physical activities in public and private sports centers.

To train in this interesting profession, you need to access a Higher Degree in TSEAS. This option offers you different possibilities because you can take it as a distance vocational training if you do not have time to attend class, or in a face-to-face training center.

Today, this is a professional qualification officially approved and qualified in the field of physical activity and sport. In fact, currently the TSEAS is the only Higher Level Training Cycle of the sport family.

Once you obtain this title, you will be able to develop and plan physical-sports activities in specialized sports centers and gyms. As well as in extracurricular activities or sporting events. Without a doubt, it is the best option if you want to train in different specialties in the world of sports.

2. Sports Technician in soccer coach

If you are a great lover of football, you also have the option to dedicate yourself to it professionally. In addition, it is a great opportunity to transmit your passion to younger generations day by day. What’s more, you are sure to become an example for them to follow.

In this sense, the title of sports coach in soccer coach will enable you to instruct students on the techniques and basic tactics of the beautiful game. In addition, with this training you will learn to evaluate the progression of learning at each level, as well as to identify the technical execution errors of your students.

At the end of this intermediate degree of sports education in soccer coach, you will be able to work in schools and sports initiation centers. And not only that, you can also find a job in clubs, sports associations, sports federations, sports service companies or in schools, among many other sports centers and institutions.

3. Sports Technician in futsal coach

Futsal is another of the sports that has generated the most interest since childhood. Therefore, the title of sports coach in futsal coach will open many doors for you at a professional level.

This intermediate level training cycle will enable you to instruct your students on the basic techniques and tactics of futsal. As well as teaching and enforcing the basic rules of the futsal regulations. Through this training you will get the necessary skills to exercise control of the group, uniting and energizing the activity. You will also be tasked with teaching and enforcing the basic rules of the futsal regulations.

At the end of the intermediate level of sports education in futsal coach, you will be able to work as a monitor for extracurricular activities in schools and educational centers. You can also get a job in sports clubs, associations and federations, or in sports service companies.

Now that you know some options that sport offers to dedicate yourself professionally to it, it is time to choose the one that you like the most. Also, keep in mind that you can dedicate your whole life to what you are most passionate about: sport.

Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work a single day in your life!


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