How can a genetic test help you if you are an athlete?

How can a genetic test help you if you are an athlete

If you want to increase your sports performance through knowledge of certain factors that determine it. A genetic test will help you achieve your goal. Discover how a genetic test can help you as an athlete.

How can a genetic test help you if you are an athlete

Main benefits of the genetic test for athletes

The genetic study to improve sports performance is a reality in the world of sports. The genetic test is the most complete on the market. Test will help you discover your origins and your genetic predisposition to a multitude of factors, starting from a simple saliva sample.

The science of genetics applied to physical activity and sport has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. Thanks to genetic testing, both elite athletes and amateurs and amateurs can improve their sports performance.

This type of test, which is performed through a simple sample of saliva. Provides in-depth knowledge of the athlete’s capabilities from the perspective of health, prevention and sports performance.

How can a genetic test help you as an athlete? Discover all its benefits below:

Detect the risk of major diseases

An athlete must maintain an optimal state of health, so that their sports performance is the most appropriate at each stage. Through a genetic test, you will be able to detect the risk of suffering important diseases during your life.

And it is that these tests give very reliable results on the susceptibility of each person to suffer from certain diseases. From oncological to ophthalmological or neurological. To do this, the results are compared with the average risk of people of the same age, race, sex and geographical area.

Once you get the results of the genetic test. You will have the opportunity to take the appropriate measures to prevent and prevent the appearance of diseases in the future.

Discover your pharmacological compatibility

Not all people react the same to taking certain medications, because the body processes drugs differently. Thanks to the genetic test, whether you are an athlete or not, your doctor will be able to prescribe the best treatment for each disease.

And if you are an athlete, knowing your pharmacological compatibility will help you reduce recovery time. In addition to minimizing the risk of suffering any adverse reaction after taking a certain drug.

Detects hereditary diseases

In addition to the diseases classified as important. There are other pathologies whose origin is hereditary, known as monogenic diseases, whose main cause is the mutation or alteration of the DNA sequence of a single gene.

Athletes who are carriers of a monogenic disease. They have the option of discovering what implications this pathology will have on their health and that of their possible offspring.

Find out the traits that make you unique

Eating habits, blood glucose , sensitivity to pain, muscle performance, regulation of sex hormones … These are some of the genetic traits that make each person unique.

Some of these traits are essential to increase athletic performance. And the genetic test will also provide you with very valuable information in this regard.

Discover your ancestors

Through a genetic test, the ancestry of a person is also studied. That is, the information about the possible origin of our ancestors. The genetic test compares the genetic material of a person with that of other reference populations that have a geographical origin and known ethnicity.

To determine the ancestry of a person. The genetic test uses a relevant fraction of the data obtained in your genotype, corresponding to autosomal DNA, and that contains your genetic inheritance, both paternal and maternal.


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