6 ideal sports for all ages

6 ideal sports for all ages

The sport is one of the healthiest activities there. Experts recommend practicing some type of exercise at least two or three times a week. This is because it is not only good for physical health, but also for mental health.

6 ideal sports for all ages

Sport is a tool that must be used to live better, as it prevents diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, and helps to recover from depression. Before opting for a sports practice, it is necessary to evaluate the physical characteristics of each one. Not all sports are advisable for all people, since some of them, being considered high intensity, could have a negative impact on some areas of the body.

Being able to practice one sport or another will depend largely on your age and physical condition. It is not the same to be 50 years old and have been practicing sports for more than 10 years, than to be that age and have been sedentary for decades. Each age and condition establishes conditions for which it is advisable to carry out a series of sports activities, so as not to damage the ligaments or the joints.

What sports modalities are suitable to practice at any age?

There are a number of sports that can be done at any age, without risk of injury. It must be borne in mind that the intensity with which they are executed will depend on the physical condition of each user.

1. Swimming

The swimming is undoubtedly the star sport for all ages. In this discipline there are no problems, it means that anyone, at any age can practice it. It is one of the most complete sports, since it works all muscle groups.

Swimming helps improve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It does not cause impact or damage to the joints or ligaments, so it can be practiced at any age. In addition, it is one of the best exercises to get in shape, according to a recent study from Harvard University.

2. Ballroom dancing

Dancing is a way of exercising while having fun. There is an almost infinite variety of dance modalities that can be chosen, depending on the characteristics and tastes of each one. In addition, there are a host of dance styles to burn calories and have non-stop fun, and to top it all, dancing has great benefits for cognitive development, coordination, and balance.

3. Aqua gym or Aqua-Aerobics

These modalities are carried out in the water, but without it reaching 100% of the body. This sport has the benefits of swimming in addition to those provided by Aerobics. Its practice is of low impact since the body in the water weighs less. Because of this, swimming and water activities are especially recommended for people with spinal and bone problems.

4. Outings by bicycle (or exercise bike)

The cycling is recommended for all public sport. If you have the possibility of going for a bike ride, the benefits will be greater since you can breathe fresh air through the countryside. But if you don’t have this option, riding a stationary bike is just as beneficial for your joints, strengthening your knees, and increasing the health of your cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.

5. Maintenance gymnastics

It consists of performing a set of exercises to keep all the muscles of the body moving. These exercises can be performed by people of any age and gender, since it is neither aggressive nor invasive. This modality, among other benefits, helps to slow down premature aging

6. Relaxation exercises

There are many sports disciplines that aim to mobilize the body muscles and relax it. Among them is Tai Chi, which is a Chinese martial arts technique. With this you learn to control your breathing favoring the management of stress and anxiety. It is also ideal for improving the elasticity of the body without damaging the muscles or joints.


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