5 foods you can eat before and after swimming

5 foods you can eat before and after swimming

The swimming is a demanding sport, with which you can get to burn a lot of calories while achieving a harmonious development of the whole of your muscles. In this case we are talking about a specific sport, but it should be noted that it is applicable to other disciplines since a diet is not based on the name of the physical activity, but on the number of training sessions and the particular conditions of each athlete.

5 foods you can eat before and after swimming

What you eat before and after swimming is important to get the most out of each of your pool workouts, so take note of the best foods to achieve this.

Whether you swim frequently simply to stay in good shape, or if you train in the water with a certain goal: compete in a test, lose weight or beat your own records, you should know that experts advise against doing it after a long period of fasting. To obtain all the benefits of swimming, it is essential that you jump into the pool with enough energy for your arms and legs to exercise with all the guarantees. Also, at the end, replenishing the effort with specific food is essential to promote optimal recovery, which makes you feel better than ever and wanting to return to training the next day.

What to eat before and after swimming workouts?

Don’t swim on an empty stomach. The ideal is to eat something easily digestible 30 or 40 minutes before starting to swim and, also, recharge your batteries by taking the right foods for about 15 or 20 minutes after training, but: what should you eat before and after swimming? ?

1) Cereals

They are the main source of carbohydrates. In their integral version and without being ultra-processed, they are considered slow absorption, so they are ideal to take them before and after swimming, especially if you are going to do it for a considerable time by swimming several series of lengths with the aim of increasing your resistance.

In the morning, including a bowl of oatmeal or whole wheat toast in your breakfast before training are always good options. If you are going to swim in the afternoon, after eating, rice or whole wheat pasta in moderate quantities will be a sure hit.

2) Fruits

Healthy snack for any occasion, which you should carry in your backpack when you go swimming. The fruits are an ideal food for before and after training, because you provide essential vitamins and minerals and also help you maintain good hydration.

If you are going to do an explosive workout, for example swimming at intervals at high speed, the simple sugars in fresh fruit will come in handy to prevent the drop in glucose levels by providing you with the extra energy you need. For later, a banana may be perfect as it is one of the foods richest in potassium, an essential electrolyte for recovery after exertion.

3) Nuts

Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts … A handful of dried fruits are an ideal snack for swimmers due to their high energy intake and their composition especially rich in micronutrients and healthy fats such as omega 3, of which walnuts are the champions.

If, for example, you are going to swim in the late morning, before eating and when breakfast is more than digested, half an hour before jumping into the water take a small portion of nuts and you will see that it helps you train with energy of spare also protecting your joints.

4) Skimmed dairy

A good glass of milk for breakfast, a 0% yogurt, or a refreshing drink based on milk and juice (natural smoothie type) … Try taking them before or after swimming as an excellent way to take care of your bones, but choose them skimmed, because when exercising in the pool you should avoid heavy digestions (especially before) limiting as much as possible the intake of fats of any kind.

5) Poultry

Chicken and turkey, well cooked on the grill, steamed, with wine, with cider … These are two foods that will provide you with the protein your muscles require, especially after an intense swimming workout.

Include them in your menus and you will notice that your performance in the pool improves with each new session, increasing the power and definition of the arm and leg muscles that work so hard to advance in each stroke.


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