4 aspects about protein that every athlete should know

4 aspects about protein that every athlete should know

Any fan of physical exercise knows the importance of proteins in sports. It is about consuming foods that give us enough energy to face our training at the maximum possible performance. While it is true that we all need to consume protein, it is also true that athletes need to increase this consumption, since protein will be responsible for ensuring good performance and also a good recovery.

4 aspects about protein that every athlete should know

If you are an athlete, surely you know that you have to incorporate protein into your diet as an athlete but you may not know much more. Knowing certain aspects about protein will help you include it intelligently and get more out of your diet and therefore your exercise.

Discover everything you need to know about protein for training

What should you keep in mind about proteins if you practice sports? We tell you everything you need to know below:

1. The right amount of protein

One of the things about which there is more misinformation has to do with the recommended daily amount of protein for an athlete. As is normal, there is no common pattern, but each person is a world, with a weight and a performance, and each person will need a different amount of protein. Therefore, avoid copying your partner, because what feels good to him may not be the same as what feels good to you.

To further clarify the subject we are going to give some figures, so that you can guide yourself in the amount of daily intake you need. According to the WHO, we should eat 1 gram a day of protein for every kilo we weigh, as adults. In this way, we can maintain muscle mass. Now, if what we want is to increase the mass, we will also have to increase the intake, and consume around 1.5 grams of protein per day for every kilo that we weigh. Of course, do not forget to consult your doubts with your doctor or a sports nutritionist.

2. Protein time

At what time of day and how should you take protein if you are an athlete? It seems that most of us have protein preferentially at dinner. It is not a bad thing, but if we are going to do sports, it is best that we take protein every 3 or 4 hours, which means that in every meal we eat we have to try to include protein in our diet. In this way, we will be able to build muscle more easily.

3. Protein sources

There are different ways to eat protein, and no one can tell you that you don’t like it, as there are many foods that contain it. What has the most biological value, that is, the richest in protein are egg whites. This is why you will see many athletes eating eggs before a competition.

And although it is true that foods of animal origin are richer in protein, some vegetables, whole grains, legumes or seeds also have protein, so if we are vegan we can also find a way to include it in our diet. And it is better for us.

4. Supplements

There is a whole world in dietary supplements today, and for the most part, proteins play a huge role in this field. Surely you have seen people with protein shakes on TV, in gyms or even on the street. They are consumed everywhere, but what do we really know about these supplements?

There is a wide range of protein supplements for athletes, but they have a bit. These compounds are not only made up of amino acids, but they also have other substances that pollute, such as caffeine. Typically, athletes take these supplements before sessions so that all of these amino acids are synthesized during training.

What is clear is that, far from supplements or other compounds, increasing protein consumption will be mandatory for an athlete, and even more so if you want to gain muscle mass and volume in weight sessions. Never make any changes to your diet without first consulting with your doctor or regular nutritionist.


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