Why Get a Shock Massage After Running?

Why Get a Shock Massage After Running

For a runner, as important as training frequently is sufficient rest and taking care of the muscles, especially the lower body. A discharge massage after running helps physical recovery and prevent possible injuries, keep that in mind!

Why Get a Shock Massage After Running

It is not just any massage. It must be done by a professional and at the right time for it to be effective and for you to obtain all its benefits from it. It involves stretching, compression and friction and works deeply on muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons… Learn more about off-loading massages for runners below.

Benefits of massages for runners

All experts agree that the discharge massage after the race is an excellent tool to improve sports performance but insist that it should not be done immediately after, but after the necessary recovery time has elapsed. That waiting time will depend on the physical condition of each person and also on the intensity of the race. The ideal is to receive a discharge massage the day after running or wait, at least, a few hours, before putting ourselves in the hands of the physio and receiving that discharge massage that helps “realign” each of our muscle fibers.

Like foot reflexology for runners, among the effects that a discharge massage achieves after running, we must highlight:

  • The movements involved in the massage eliminate the tension of the muscle groups that have worked the most during the race, thus preventing possible contractures.
  • The massage improves blood circulation by promoting a greater supply of oxygen to each of our cells, also favoring the elimination of toxins accumulated during exercise.
  • This type of massage helps recovery and prepares all muscle groups, not just the lower body, for the next effort.

How often should you undergo a discharge massage?

Just as you plan your workouts, it is advisable to be clear about  when to give or receive a discharge massage, in  addition to knowing that from time to time a discharge massage can help relieve discomfort and improve the marks themselves. You do not have to wait until you have an injury to go to the physical therapist. Although personal characteristics and conditions must be taken into account, a massage of this type, once or twice a month, is always recommended and should be part of the routine of any runner.

The exact moment in which the massage can be most effective depends on the intensity of the training, but what is clear is that a discharge massage should never be done before the race. Its goal is to relax your loaded legs after training, reducing physical and mental stress, so it would not make sense to receive it before you do a maximum effort. On the other hand, a discharge massage after running and after a few hours of rest is the best way to achieve optimal recovery.

There is an exception. Although the ideal thing to do for a sports massage of these characteristics is to wait at least a few hours, sometimes it may be necessary for the massage to be done just after running because you have noticed significant discomfort or even because you have had a cramp, pull or contracture. In these cases, the discharge massage after the race should always be soft and superficial, never intense and deep to avoid counterproductive effects. The manual stretches and compressions involved in such a massage can provide immediate relief and prevent further complications.

In summary, if you are a runner, include unloading massages as one more part of your training because they can be an important help to keep your muscles in perfect condition and avoid the overload that can come after weeks of hard training.


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