What you should eat before and after training to lose weight

What you should eat before and after training to lose weight

If you want your exercise routine to be even more effective in burning fat and losing weight, take note of the foods before and after training that help you lose weight in a healthy way.

What you should eat before and after training to lose weight

Playing sports involves an extra expenditure of energy for our body. If you don’t have enough, you will probably train for less time and end up with fatigue or excruciating hunger (prompting you to overeat after exercise). This situation is not ideal to achieve the goal of losing weight and could also cause damage to your muscles.

Nor is it about overeating by ingesting more calories than you burn doing your exercise, because then simply, you would not lose a single gram. When choosing what to eat before and after training to lose weight, you have to take into account the type of activity you are going to do, its intensity, your own physical needs and also the time that goes from when you eat the food, until you start up.

What foods help you lose weight before and after exercising?

As a general rule, before training quality carbohydrates take center stage. Your body requires energy foods but low in fat to exercise. A piece of fruit, for example a banana, a juice, or a snack in the form of whole wheat toast with jam or yogurt with a few oatmeal flakes are three good suggestions of foods that you can eat before training and that to take 20 or 30 minutes before carrying out an intense routine.

If we talk about a longer period of time between food and training, slowly absorbed carbohydrates come into play, those that will provide energy as the body demands it. A plate of wholegrain pasta or rice and some high-glycemic fruit, such as melon or watermelon, can be the basis of an ideal menu for someone who plans to practice sports in the later hours. In this case, protein must also be present in the food you eat, especially if your training involves resistance (swimming, going for a run …) or intense work of the muscles (weights in the gym).

If you want to lose weight, include lean meats or fish in your meal and if you prefer to have only a snack, try a brown rice cake, on which you can put a few slices of turkey breast or a portion of (French) omelet.

And what to eat after training so as not to gain weight?

After training hard, you surely want to know what foods to eat after training so as not to gain weight, and which are recommended to ensure that your body continues to burn calories while recovering from the effort. The first step is to achieve proper hydration so that the body replenishes the lost water and electrolytes.

For some athletes, when the training has been intense, there is nothing better than a good glass of milk 15-20 minutes after practicing their activity (you can also opt for isotonic drinks). If you also notice that you need to “recharge” energy, or have had a high muscle intensity, resort to foods rich in carbohydrates such as bananas, which also provide potassium. There are some cereal bars with miners that are designed to meet this need.

If you train late in the day, you can include foods at dinner that provide the protein necessary for muscle recovery , as well as the minerals, vitamins and fiber that your body demands . Some examples are natural mussels with a salad with lamb’s lettuce or steamed vegetables, such as broccoli, along with fish rich in omega 3.


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