Turn your daily shower into a wellness ritual

Turn your daily shower into a wellness ritual

Every moment of the day can be special, starting with the shower. It can promote your health and well-being, as well as give you a boost to start the day with a smile and lots of energy.

Turn your daily shower into a wellness ritual

It does not matter if you use hot water first and then cold or if you take a shower singing. For many it is a milestone that is part of the start of the day like a cup of coffee. That’s okay, because little rituals help us feel safe and enter the day with energy and positivity.

Most of us do not set foot in the street without the appropriate morning shower, but what if instead of doing a mere hygienic procedure we turned the shower into a true wellness ritual? We propose a series of tips to achieve it


Shower gel and shampoo shouldn’t just smell good; the scent should come from natural ingredients, not from synthetic aromatic compounds mixed with endocrine disrupting phthalates, as is the case in most conventional hygiene and cosmetic products.

Organic certified shower gels not only gently cleanse us, but also awaken our spirit and our senses with their natural fragrances.

Think about the effects of scents. To start the week, a citrus aroma will be very suitable because of its vitality. Instead, on Saturday morning you can start your weekend with a relaxing lavender fragrance. If what you want is to pamper yourself, bet on the exclusive perfume of roses.


Have a shower head that offers different possibilities of water output, such as fine rain (to relax) and concentrated jet (stimulating).

You can install a filter between the tap and the head to remove chlorine and lime. The effect of clean water on the skin is totally different from hard and chlorinated water (which is not only drunk with the water if it does not filter, but also inhaled in the shower). Your hair will especially notice it.


Take into account the following three rules:

  1. No more than ten minutes: although the sensation of hot water running through the skin is so pleasant, the shower should not last more than 10 minutes, otherwise the skin becomes too dry (it is also noticeable on the bill and wasted water, a very valuable natural resource).
  2. Shower gel with appropriate pH: it is best to bet on gels with a slightly acidic pH (pH5.5). People with dry skin can turn to a moisturizing lotion with natural oils to nourish the skin. Synthetic substances such as paraffins and silicones must be avoided, which clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing.
  3. With warm water: too hot water damages the skin’s protective mantle. It makes the horny layer swell and the fatty part is removed. The skin dries up. To avoid this, it is best to shower with lukewarm water.
    • Extra intimate: the intimate area should be washed either only with water or with products appropriate to its more acidic pH (products with a pH of 33.8-5 are recommended. Therefore, the body gel does not work for the intimate area.


A self- massage with a brush during the morning shower produces several positive effects: on the one hand, it stimulates circulation and, on the other, it helps to shed dead skin cells.

The golden rule is to make circular movements with the brush towards the heart. Don’t push too hard (not so much that you get red bumps). This massage will help you eliminate fluids and contribute to the functioning of the lymphatic system, whose mission is to cleanse your body from the inside.

Finally, after drying you should always use a body milk that will prolong the pleasant effect on the skin.


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