6 things you should know for your first Tai Chi class

6 things you should know for your first Tai Chi class

Seeing a group of people in a park or on a beach making slow movements in unison is no longer something that surprises us. They practice Tai Chi, a millenary martial art with therapeutic properties, which gains followers year after year. If you want to get started in the so-called “moving meditation” this is what you should know for your first group Tai Chi class.

6 things you should know for your first Tai Chi class

The Tai Chi seeks health and welfare physical and mental through concentration, relaxation and control of the body that moves slowly and globally. It is not a sport, although it involves significant physical work, but if your goal is solely to stay in shape, other options may suit you. Getting started in Tai Chi is not always easy. Its benefits are multiple, but they are not achieved in the first session.

Many people start practicing Tai Chi from scratch and leave it because they want immediate results, but most remain in their purpose because, from the first moment, they notice that something begins to change both in their body and inside. If you discover the basics of a first class of Tai chi, you will see how this art of ancient China “hooks”.

Useful tips to start practicing Tai Chi

Go to your first session knowing that Tai Chi is learned and the only way to do it is by practicing it. Don’t worry if things don’t go the first time. It is normal. Just as important as performing the movements is your own attitude. Also, keep in mind the following tips to start doing Tai Chi that we present to you:

1. Physical exercise. Tai Chi is a set of precise techniques to perform slow but constant movements. At the body level, it is a tough “workout”, because many of the postures are performed with the legs bent. Finishing with considerable laces is the most logical thing to do. Do not be discouraged. The physical tension will gradually disappear as the movement flows naturally.

2. “Paraphernalia”, the fair. For your first Tai Chi class, you need very little. Comfortable clothes and shoes and being willing to follow the teacher’s instructions in a positive spirit. It does not matter if you practice it in an open space or in a gym, in any case you do not need an “oriental equipment” (kimono, headband, T-shirt with Chinese symbols …) or specific music … relaxation and discovery staff don’t depend on any of it.

3. Here and now. It is the great secret. As if you attended your first yoga class , from your first Tai Chi class try to concentrate on the exercise you are doing, without thinking about the past or thinking about the future, thinking about what you have pending as soon as the session ends.

4. Don’t be shy. Especially if you do Tai Chi in the open air, in the first sessions you may feel some qualms if someone passes by and stares. Focus on what you are doing. Movement is what matters. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out for you (you’re just starting out), but do those movements with breadth, with freedom, enjoying the environment and each new step. If they look, then they look. On the other hand, ask your teacher any questions and ask for help if you need it. Although the atmosphere of relaxation and meditation invites silence, it is not forbidden to speak in a Tai Chi class, especially if it is one of the first.

5. Breathing. As in yoga, breath control is one of the pillars of this discipline. Focus on it because it will help you relax and keep your movements flowing. Breathe deeply and continuously to fill yourself with positive energy and become aware of your own body.

6. Take your time. When you start practicing Tai Chi, put aside the rush and stress. Smooth, slow and relaxed movements are the foundation. You won’t get it the first time but have a little patience. If you do, the benefits of Tai Chi will not take long to arrive and those first classes, many more will follow.


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