6 perfect exercises to define buttocks and legs

6 perfect exercises to define buttocks and legs

All muscle groups are important, but the perfect condition of those that shape our lower body has special relevance to the effective practice of any sport. Training legs and glutes is not just a question of aesthetics. Strong legs and firm buttocks, of course, are harmonious and attractive, but they also ensure a “firm step” in any sporting activity we do. Take note of the best exercises to define buttocks and legs that we propose.

6 perfect exercises to define buttocks and legs

There are many aerobic sports that place special emphasis on the work of the lower body. The running, the swimming, the cycling or training in the gym based explosive movements … buttocks and lower extremities are our bond grip with the ground and his good physical shape depends on many occasions, the success of our routine workout at home or in the gym.

Feeling of heavy legs, fatty clumps that tend to settle in the hips and lower buttock area, weakness … these and other anomalies can be corrected with a training routine for buttocks and legs that tones and strengthens the muscles in the area, also eliminating , any hint of fat.

Workout routine to tone buttocks and legs

If you practice sports regularly, either to lose weight or stay in shape, it will be enough to include in your training two weekly sessions that include the following exercises to define buttocks and legs. You will notice the results in a few weeks and you will be able to show off well contoured legs and strong buttocks capable of defying the force of gravity.

1. Bulgarian squat

It is a very complete exercise with which you will not only work the lower body but also the sense of balance as a whole. It is an ideal exercise to work your glutes at home and in the gym. You need a point of support (a bench, a chair …) Standing, leaving the point of support behind you, place the instep of one of your feet on it (back leg). From this position, descend while bending the leg that has been in front until, with the knee, you form a 90º angle. Bounce gently and repeat the exercise, switching legs. Keep your back straight at all times, trying not to lose your balance.

2. Step

It is about imitating the movement we do when following a stair workout. It does not matter if you simply raise your knees forward (without supports), actually walk up the stairs, or do an exercise that consists of getting on a chair with one foot and then raising the other while forcing the knee movement almost touch the chest. The result is just as effective. As you can see, it is a very simple exercise to define buttocks and legs, but do it alternating legs and you will be doing an excellent routine to define buttocks and legs.

3. Walking with the glutes

Sitting on the floor, with your legs straight, your back straight and your forearms clasped with your hands at chest level, lift one buttock and try to move forward (without bending your legs), then the other … You are “walking” leaning on the buttocks. A super effective exercise for legs and glutes to burn fat in the legs and not as simple as it seems.

4. Bridge

It is another basic exercise to tone legs and glutes. Lying on your back, with your knees slightly bent, “pull” your hips and raise your torso leaning on the shoulder area. Contract your glutes and abdomen as you reaffirm your position by exerting force with your legs against the floor. Depending on your physical condition, also try stretching one of your legs for a few seconds while maintaining the position by leaning only on the other.

5. Stride

In any of its modalities, the stride is one of the best exercises if what it is about is to define legs and buttocks. In an upright position, bring one leg forward, bending the knee to a 90º angle. Keep the other leg straight at the back as you gently bounce. Do at least 6 – 8 sets on each leg.

6. Front and side stretches

Standing, with a near point of support (a bar, a wall). Stand laterally (palm of the hand on the wall) and stretch the leg that is on the outside, raising it to the height of the hips. Hold for a few seconds doing these stretches and switch legs. Also do similar series but raising each leg in a frontal way (without exceeding the height of the hips). You will notice how the muscles of your legs work and also your buttocks.


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