5 ideal massages for athletes to relieve contractures

5 ideal massages for athletes to relieve contractures 2

Sports massages are an excellent aid to improve physical preparation in general. Some are recommended to relax a certain muscle area after a tough test, and others are recommended as part of the previous preparation. In case of injury, you also have massages to relieve contractures that it is not too much to know.

5 ideal massages for athletes to relieve contractures 2

A muscle contracture is one of the most common muscle injuries among athletes, although it can also be caused by sudden movement, poor posture, intense cold or stress … It is not serious but it is annoying and painful. As its name suggests, a contracture occurs when the normal contraction of a certain muscle is abnormally prolonged over time. The muscle fibers do not break (that would be more serious) but they do not regain their natural position. The result is pain in the affected area that also tends to have obvious inflammation.

Too intense an effort, the lack of a good warm-up before exercise or not stretching correctly at the end of a workout are usually the origin of contractures after exercising . They can occur in any area of ​​the body, although it is on the neck and back where they appear most frequently.

Sports massages to relieve contractures produce the opposite effect, that is, with precise techniques and movements they try to eliminate the tension and stiffness that prevents the muscle from returning to its resting state, thus reducing or eliminating discomfort. Some of the most effective deconstructing massages for athletes are the following:

How to relieve contractures after exercising?

You should keep in mind that recovering from a contracture takes some time. You will probably have to temporarily reduce or eliminate sports practice and, in the most persistent cases, your doctor may recommend an anti-inflammatory. Also, to recover after intense training and achieve progressive improvement, try one of the following massages to help relieve contractures after training:

1. Digitopression

Pressing with the fingers on very specific points where the pain is concentrated, is an ancient oriental technique that provides almost immediate well-being. The objective of this massage to relieve contractures after training is to relax the fascia, the fibrous membrane that covers the muscles. This will be the first step to facilitate the elongation of the muscles of the affected area, so that the contracture and pain disappear. Sprains, damaged ligaments, “knots” in the back … Expert hands can improve them.

2. Massage with hot pindas

This type of sports massage is also known as Pantai Luar and is based on applying heat with pindas (sachets) that keep herbs and essential oils of beneficial effect inside. It is a deep massage that reaches sore muscle tissues providing great relief and a complete sensation of relaxation.

3. Massage with bamboo canes

Improving blood and lymphatic circulation to promote the regeneration and good condition of muscle fibers is the objective of this “deconstructing” massage perfect for athletes. With the help of the essential oils applied, the bamboo tubes slide with more or less pressure throughout the body, affecting those points where pain is present. It is ideal to eliminate overload and to contribute to recovery after intense physical activity.

4. Thai massage

It is one of the most effective massages if it is about relieving a painful contracture, especially in the lumbar area. The pressures made with the palms of the hands, the stretches and the passive maneuvers performed by the therapist loosen the contracted muscles, eliminating tension and providing greater agility and flexibilityto the entire treated area.

5. Sports therapeutic massages

In addition to massages based on different ancient oriental techniques, sometimes there are ailments that require massages for athletes to relieve specific contractures. These massages must be given by a physiotherapist and their objective is to achieve recovery in the shortest possible time so that sports activity can be restarted as soon as possible.


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