Take advantage of the figs! The most natural sweet

Take advantage of the figsThe most natural sweet

Raw, these protein and mineral rich seeds are a spectacular ingredient. Learn to use them.

The fig is a beautiful fruit-shaped flower. With silky skin and caramel pulp with crunchy touches, it has infinite tiny seeds that give it an exquisitely unique texture. The so-called “forbidden fruit” is a gift of nature and could well be the star of any menu. It’s no wonder fresh figs are in such high demand at their station.

Take advantage of the figsThe most natural sweet


There are hundreds of varieties of figs, all super-nutritious, energetic and, in most cases, intensely sweet. So much so that, in the past, before the introduction of sugar, figs were used to sweeten desserts.

You can find fresh figs in season and dehydrated all year round. The fig tree usually gives a very abundant harvest. For this reason, dehydrated is a great option to preserve them, because during the harvest the sun is at its ideal point to use this method.

First of all, and as I always recommend, we can eat them as is, with skin and everything. If we have the possibility to harvest them ourselves and sit under the fig tree to enjoy them, they will taste delicious. Also if we cool them for a while, on very hot dates.

Attention, if you are going to harvest the figs, when you touch the leaves you may have a stinging sensation. The leaves of the fig tree must be grasped with care or gloves. You can also harvest them, wash them well and then dry them for infusions and other applications.


Raw techniques offer you wonderful ways to enjoy figs. Here are some ideas to enjoy this delicious and revered fruit of nature:

  1. Fresh in your recipes: Cut in two, in quarters, in slices … figs go well in salads, skewers, canapés or similar. When combining them, look for flavors that contrast: capers, olives, onion, garlic … They also go very well with green and sprouted leaves.
  2. With veggie cheeses: Almond or cashew cheese accompanied by figs is a very good sweet and sour combination.
  3. In jam: use your own hands and mash them well with the skin. It’s very relaxing! You will have a consistency similar to that of a jam, which you can use to spread on toast, make sauces or as a cake filling. You can, for example, prepare my recipe for Unforgettable Raw Fig Cake.
  4. Dehydrated: you can buy them like this or dehydrate yourself: cut them before so that they dry faster. With them you can do wonders in the kitchen: add them as is to your dishes or use them to sweeten chocolates, cookies, energy bars … They are also great as an ingredient in dehydrated crackers. They will be delicious if you combine them with onion, oregano and some seeds such as flax and sunflower seeds.


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