How to make cakes without sugar, without milk or without allergens: the best online course

How to make cakes without sugar, without milk or without allergensthe best online course

Through the online course “Healthy cakes” shows us that it is possible to prepare delicious cakes without sugar, without milk, without eggs or without allergens. Join the course and learn how to prepare homemade cakes suitable for everyone.

How to make cakes without sugar, without milk or without allergensthe best online course

Is it possible to prepare a healthy homemade sponge cake (no sugar, no milk, no gluten, no egg, no allergens …)? “Yes you can, although many do not believe it. You just have to know what ingredients to use and how to integrate them into the dough”, explains Chef Virginia Garcia, who has just launched the online course “Healthy biscuits”.

Through this course, the chef shows that it is possible to prepare delicious healthy homemade cakes suitable for people with intolerances or allergies, vegans or, in general, concerned about their health.


In the online course “Healthy biscuits”, Virginia Garcia serves up the precise formulas on a tray to achieve healthy biscuit dough’s without the main allergens.

Throughout the history of cooking it has been shown – even scientifically in centers such as the Plaxo research laboratories in England – that baking is a fairly exact science and that the physicochemical formation of desserts leaves little room for improvisation. . That is, the proportions of ingredients and the way in which they are included in a cake can easily ruin it.

Therefore, preparing cakes without eggs, gluten-free cakes or cakes without sugar or milk can be difficult. However, this leading chef, who considers herself an explorer of plant-based gastronomy, has investigated new ways to treat sponge dough and has achieved what many thought impossible: creating healthy sponge cake recipes that turn out to be delicious. And we are in luck because he has decided to reveal the keys and formulas to achieve it through the new course “Healthy biscuits” at the Cuerpomente School.


So is it difficult to cook a healthy sponge cake? Not at all: it’s very easy (if you know the formula to achieve it, of course). “Many people find it inconceivable to make cakes without eggs or dairy. But you can! And in this course I go much further. I have been adding complexity to each of the dough that I show until I get biscuits that, in addition to being vegan, do not contain the main allergens that usually cause problems (gluten, soy, nuts …) ”, explains Garcia.

Thanks to the contributions of this chef, today we know that preparing healthy and balanced cakes is easier than we might think. So why don’t you dare to try it? Your diet and your weight will thank you and you will discover that sweet desserts can be as healthy as the rest of your recipes. You simply have to make the leap to healthy baking:

  • Make up your mind to substitute unhealthy ingredients (sugars, refined flours, dairy …) with others that are much healthier, with nutritional value and just as delicious.
  • Convince yourself of the good of eliminating allergens from your straights to obtain delicious cakes that can be taken by people with intolerances and allergies, people who follow vegan diets, who want to control their weight …
  • Get ready to know how to do it! Knowing everything about the types of flours, the kinds of yeast, and the substitutes for the sugar of the egg or the milk will allow you to cook healthy cakes easily. The new online course of the Escuela Cuerpomente platform gives you access to all this knowledge and much more!

Would you be interested in knowing more about everything that the “Healthy Biscuits” course offers you? You can consult all the information about the online course here. In addition, we give you access to the first class so that you can learn how to make a delicious golden buckwheat sponge cake with Virginia with strawberries.


Virginia Garcia is an outreach enthusiast. She has been offering advice through her networks for years and has her own blog on the Cuerpomente magazine website. She considers cooking to be a constant learning, as she reveals to us in this interview, and enjoys sharing that knowledge with others.

For this reason, the chef wanted to prepare a course of homemade cakes suitable for all types of people: from amateurs who want to start with their first cakes to kitchen enthusiasts who want to take a step further towards healthy gastronomy. “I have prepared a very extensive syllabus explaining all the ingredients and functions of each one of them. I’m very proud of it, “she explains. Throughout the online course “Healthy biscuits”, Virginia Garcia accompanies you in three different ways:

  1. Through video recipes. You can follow their videos to learn how to prepare five different types of cakes (soft without eggs or milk and red fruits, whole meal date cake, buckwheat, almond and dried apricot cake, cake for people with intolerances and allergies …).
  2. Through video classes. These video tutorials –which you can watch whenever you want– will help you to choose flours, to know how to substitute sugars, milk and eggs, to use yeasts and raising agents well … In addition, Virginia reveals her three infallible steps to achieve a perfect cake.
  3. With downloadable e-booksYou will also receive 3 downloadable e-books with 15 recipes by Virginia Garcia, 50 recipes selected from Cuerpomente of irresistible desserts and 51 theoretical notes of the entire course.

To cook it is very important to know the ingredients, their characteristics and how they behave when cooked. Only in this way can we truly understand what we are making and how we can apply all these processes to any other recipe that comes to mind.


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