7 ways to take advantage of celery in your meals

7 ways to take advantage of celery in your meals

Did you know that even celery flowers can be used in the kitchen? The aromatic compounds of this vegetable make it especially healthy and delicious.

7 ways to take advantage of celery in your meals

With an unmistakable flavor and numerous benefits, celery is undoubtedly one of nature’s gifts that we must always have on hand. I am very close to this humble vegetable, with tender leaves and stems.


Everything in celery is edible, from the stem and leaves to the seeds and, depending on the season, we will find different celery, of different size and consistency, with whiter stems with more water or greener with more fiber.

The leaves are hardly used due to ignorance; they are used to make broth and little else. But we actually find great potential in them thanks to their chlorophyll and aromas.


Celery has the ability to cleanse the body and is ideal for lowering cholesterol. It is refreshing and invigorating, while alkalizing and lowering blood sugar.

By consuming it raw, we will make better use of all this potential. In this article we will see what we can do with celery in our raw kitchen. I will give you many variants so that you see the celery with different eyes and keep it in mind when you get ready to prepare your food.

If you have celery in the garden and let it bloom, it will give you very rich flowers to decorate and flavor. If you leave it longer, the seeds will come out. You can eat them as is or use them to flavor sweet and savory dishes.

If you get to this point, save some to plant next season.


In your salads: use both the stem and the leaves, finely cut, with any green leaf, vegetable or even fruit (apple, orange or strawberry).

  • As a crudité: make sticks and spread them on your vegetable patés.
  • In pâté: you can make a celery pâté by combining it with walnut or other dried fruit or seed soaked together with lemon, salt and cumin green leaves, ginger, lemon …
  • In soups: blend with other vegetables to make delicious fresh soups. With spinach, avocado, lemon, cumin, olive oil, water and salt it is very good.
  • Dehydrated: chop it small, dry it until it is very crispy and grind it. You will get a celery powder that you can use as a substitute for salt. With dehydration, the flavor becomes concentrated and salty, but retains its characteristic flavor. You can also use it to color, decorate, dress …
  • Crackers: you can make delicious dehydrated cookies with the sprouted seeds, alone or with apple. They are exquisite.


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