5 original ways to eat melon

5 original ways to eat melon

We are used to consuming the melon as it is, without major preparations, but we can get much more out of it. Do not miss these tips.

5 original ways to eat melon

The melon is only everywhere, but may occur more original forms and include it in juices, salads and ice cream.

Originally from Asia, it usually reaches our mouths without companions or processes. There are many varieties. If I had to highlight one, it would be the Cantaloupe, very popular in France.

A round melon, grated and with a very sweet orange pulp. If you are lucky enough to find one just right and fresh, don’t even think about it: grab a knife and enjoy. Although, in reality, with any ripe and fresh melon I am happy. The yellow ones, the Galia with its mesmerizing skin, the green ones like the Piel de sapo, the Tendral, the Rochet… They are magic of nature.


When we eat melon, we find ourselves, first of all, with water. The percentage ranges from 90% to 95%. Pure “vegetable serum” and a great cleanser for the kidneys.

It also contains less sugar than other fruits, no fat and, instead, many vitamins and minerals. Hydrates, remineralizes, alkalizes and is a diuretic and laxative.


I recommend avoiding it, like most fruits, for dessert after a heavy meal, no matter how deeply rooted this custom is in our culture. It is preferable to eat the melon before and separately from large meals, because your digestive system has to make a great effort and sometimes it is indigestible. Here I explain my favorite preparations.

  1. How to cut it: you have many possibilities apart from the classic slices. In cubes, triangles, balls, thin slices, skewers … Play and you will achieve beautiful presentations.
  2. Smoothie or juice: transform it into a liquid by passing it through a blender or a juice extractor. You will have a rich elixir. You can combine it with ginger or mint, and even with its cousin the cucumber.
  3. In salads: a friend once surprised me with a large bowl of leafy greens and melon chunks. I loved. As if it were tomato, you add melon and voila. The salad also had grapes.
  4. Dehydrated: in thin or thick slices, you will achieve a great gummy or crunchy caramel, depending on the dehydration time. If you make it crunchy, you can crush it and make melon powder. You will surprise your guests.
  5. Ice cream: cut it into cubes, freeze it and run the cubes through the juice extractor with the option without filter. You will get a great ice cream. You can also mash it in the blender. If you add a little water, it will look like a frappe. You can also add some spice. I have tried it with anise and I went to the afterlife.


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