The ultimate routine to lose weight with the help of your personal trainer

The ultimate routine to lose weight with the help of your personal trainer

Finding the most effective exercises that best suit you to achieve the goal of losing weight effectively is easier following the advice of a professional. With the routine that your personal trainer establishes, you will lose weight and gain health.

The ultimate routine to lose weight with the help of your personal trainer

If you have made the decision to wear sports shoes, to lose the extra kilos, putting yourself in the hands of a personal trainer is an excellent option. It will not do any miracles, but it will optimize your training time by indicating the best exercises, those that affect the most complicated areas that require extra work.

Losing weight with a fitness trainer is not a luxury reserved for personalities and celebrities. More and more people are choosing this option because it is the most effective when it comes to losing weight and achieving fast and long-lasting results.

How does a personal trainer help you lose weight?

The physical capacities, the activities and sports that you can practice regularly, the presence or absence of accumulated body fat, the diet that you should follow … These are just some aspects that a personal trainer studies and takes into account before establishing a work plan that achieve the goal you want.

From this point, mark a series of guidelines to follow and design your own exercise table to train at home or in the gym, seeking a double objective: a better general physical shape that contributes to your good health, and the solution to problems. Specific such as flaccidity, overweight, excess fat, lack of muscle tone…

The weight loss routine determined by your personal trainer may be accompanied by an exhaustive follow-up that includes monitoring the calories consumed during exercises, and their relationship with the total amount of calories included in the diet, to ensure that there is a good spending ratio. Energy, especially in routines whose objective is weight loss, that is, a caloric deficit. Your coach will control and make the changes that he deems appropriate to guarantee, not only the effectiveness and adequacy of the exercises, but also that you execute them correctly, avoiding possible injuries.

And if that were not enough, a good personal trainer will require effort, dedication and perseverance, but mainly it will provide you with the emotional support and the necessary motivation so that exercise does not become too heavy and you achieve your goals.

Exercises to lose weight with your personal trainer

The exercises to lose weight that your personal trainer will indicate can be very varied, and will be structured by muscle groups or full-body workouts, according to your goals, and distributed in sessions of approximately one hour or hour and a half, over different days in the week. In weight loss routines, cardiovascular exercise will be prioritized, or the so-called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and in toning routines, exercises with weights.

Keep in mind that everything will depend on your goals, your time, whether you want to train outdoors, at home or in a gym.  All these elements are what you must take into account and be able to combine a good personal trainer.

As we have said, cardiovascular exercises or high intensity interval training are the ones that burn the most calories, if the goal is to shed the extra pounds. These cardiovascular exercises include running or walking on a treadmill or outdoors for at least 30 minutes at a moderate pace, riding a stationary bike, on the street or in the mountains . Or, have your personal trainer create a good interval routine that includes exercises such as the famous and dreaded “burpees”, lunges, push-ups, or box jumps, exercises that not only burn a lot of calories in little. Time, but also serve to tone muscle mass.

In addition, if along with your goal of losing weight you want to gain strength and / or endurance, or tone, it is also possible that your personal trainer creates a routine that combines different purposes, such as series of squats + push-ups + abdominals. It all depends on their experience and knowledge, and of course, on your effort and perseverance.


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